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My Self Tanning Routine

Happy Friday friends! What I use for self-tanner is probably my #1 most asked question. It’s highly likely that I’m a direct descendent of Casper lol – I’m naturally SO pale. But, I love to have a nice, healthy glow. It truly makes me feel better, like I’ve actually been outside, soaking up some vitamin D. It also helps you appear more “toned,” so I always do it when I know I’m gonna be wearing shorts, tees, dresses or swimsuits!

My Self Tanning Routine | Style Blogger Lauren Meyer shares her Self Tanning Routine
My Self Tanning Routine | Style Blogger Lauren Meyer shares her Self Tanning Routine
sorry for the low quality – had to take a screenshot for this but… the difference was too good not to show! Left is with tanner, right is my natural paleness! Eek!

I’ve tried a number of tanning products over the last 15 years but have narrowed down my process to the following steps. I find this is the simplest and quickest process for me to achieve a deep, natural and lasting tan!

  1. Exfoliate & Shave // You want to create a smooth base for your tan so it’s important that you exfoliate off any dry/dead skin you may have and shave any unwanted hairs! I personally love using this exfoliating mitt – it works SO well. I follow up with my go to razor that leaves my skin smooth for a week – AKA I don’t shave off my tan a few days in!
  2. Lotion Up! // After you shower it’s important to apply lotion to spots that are typically dry to prevent the tanner from “sticking” to those areas and making them darker. You’ll want to apply lotion to your eblows, wrists, knees and ankles/heels.
  3. Apply Tanner! // Using a tanning mitt so your hands don’t get orange, apply 3-4 pumps of St Tropez Tanning Mousse (I use Extra Dark for my pale self) and rub it in using circular motions going up your body. I start with my arms, blend into my chest/neck/back and stomach then do my legs last! I apply 3-4 pumps for each area of my body.
    • Warning: The tanner goes on VERY DARK. It will not be this dark when you rinse it off. It goes on darker to show you where you’ve already applied it!
  4. Process // Wait 8+ hours to let it process. Technically you’re supposed to rinse after 8 hours – which you totally can – but I usually let it sit for a few more hours to get a really deep tan. During this time you can go about your day or sleep! Some of the tanner may transfer to your sheets or clothes so just be wary of that!
  5. Rinse // Rinse your tan off with WATER ONLY. Avoid any soap & don’t wash your hair – I make this rinse off as quick as possible. PAT dry to avoid rubbing any tan off.
  6. Lotion Up! // After drying, I apply this gradual tanning lotion all over. It’s natural, hydrating and dries super quickly. Plus, it doesn’t transfer to clothing! I apply this lotion every 2-3 days to maintain my tan.
  7. Repeat every 14 days or so when you notice your tan fading!


  • I use these tanning drops mixed in with my face lotion every other night to tan my face. Since I’m breakout prone, this is what I prefer!
  • I strongly recommend using lotion/soaps that don’t contain harmful chemicals like parabens and sulfates. These can actually strip your tan and make it streaky over time! The lotion from this pack is what I use! This brand is my favorite for hand and body lotion – so good!
  • Take short showers when you can. I wash my hair twice a week at most and those showers where I don’t wash my hair, I’m in and out in a quick minute to avoid any excess water washing way my tan!
  • Exfoliate before you shave and do it at the end of your shower. This ensures your hair is as soft as it can be so you can get as close a shave as possible!

Happy tanning, friends!


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