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Happy Wednesday!

It has been a while you guys! Probably the longest break I’ve taken from the blog in 6 months (yes, I’m aware it was only 2 weeks lol). And, it wasn’t even intentional.

As I’m sure you remember, since I hammered it into your brains numerous times, we spent last week in the Dominican Republic at an all inclusive resort! The WiFi at the resort moved at the pace of molasses and even posting an Instagram photo took about 2 hours so a blog post would’ve taken the whole trip, lol!

I plan to do an outfit roundup/resort review on Friday so stay tuned for that! For this post, I’m focusing on a question I got a lot before and during my trip – what I packed and how I stayed organized.

In prep for our trip and the many others I have coming up, I picked up a new set of luggage and really challenged myself to stay organized. I’m usually that person whose suitcase ends up all over the hotel room. Which causes me to lose my mind about half way through a trip. But not this time!

Like I mentioned, I recently picked up a set of Calpak luggage. I was in the market to buy a hard sided suitcase to better protect fragile bags I bring with me (like this one), my makeup and for better theft protection. Two of my close girlfriends love their Calpak luggage, and I couldn’t resist this pretty set. And, I actually found last year’s version on sale here! There’s barely a scratch on them, and they held SO much. They’re also incredibly light for how heavy-duty they are. This was maybe the first trip I didn’t come close to hitting the 50lb threshold. Kevin was impressed lol!

I also picked up these packing cubes and shoe bags to help me organize my luggage better. I have to say, packing took me about 1/2 the time because everything fit so easily into my luggage. If I needed to rearrange anything, I could easily see what was in a pack and move it without have to take clothes out and sort through layers upon layers of clothes, socks, hats and toiletries.

When we got to the resort, I simply hung all of my clothes that I needed to. Then unzipped the remaining cubes and placed them on the closet shelves. This helped my clothes stay organized and made repacking SO much easier!

The only complaint I have is that the shoe bags don’t have a mesh lining. For some reason, I thought they did although the photos clearly show no mesh so you do have to unzip them slightly to see what’s inside. 

Because a style blogger’s checked bag is equivalent to Mary Poppin’s purse (lol), I thought it would be easiest to share what I packed in my carry on and how I organized it. I did get requests to share what was in my checked bag so I’m sharing a bit of that below too! 

    • Extra Clothes: I saved one of the medium sized packing cubes to pack extra clothes for Kev & I. We each packed an extra set of shorts, shirts, undies & swimsuits in case our luggage got lost.


    • Valuables: I made sure to leave room for my more valuable items in my carry on. To this day, I will never forget that my sister had items stolen out of her checked bag at O’Hare back in like 2003. I keep my valuables glued to me! For this trip, I packed my Tory Burch Millers, my new wedge heels, my jewelry and my Chloe bag.


    • Breakables: Anything that could potentially be breakable, I’ll pack in my carry on. For this trip, I packed the dupe I mentioned above. I first stuffed it with a cami and my pajamas to protect it then packed it. Side note – I also do this with hats in my checked bag. I roll pajamas or tops up and stuff the inside so the hat doesn’t get crushed.


      • Makeup: I bring as much of my makeup as I possibly can in my carry on. Make up is hella expensive and in the off chance my luggage is lost (or worse stolen!), I don’t want to risk that getting lost. I often keep things like my foundation, primer, lipstick and mascara in my 3oz bag. All dry products + brushes I keep in this case. I recently picked this case up and love it! It’s perfect for travel!


    • Hair Tools: With the same thought as my makeup, hair tools are also crazy expensive! So I typically pack the ones I bring in my carry on. This time I brought along my curling wand (base found here) and straightener!


    • Necessary Toiletries: I like to bring makeup wipes and a travel size version of my skincare in case our luggage does get lost. PS you can use code LOMEYER for 20% off any of my skincare! I also bring along a toothbrush, Tums, contacts, glasses, lotion, hand sanitizer, and migraine meds – just the necessities I need to survive on the daily, you know! 


      • A good book, my journal & devotional: I pack these with the same school of thought as my other valuables. These are emotionally valuable to me, and I often find myself journaling and reading on long flights! Right now, I’m currently reading this book and discovered so many of you are too!


    • Earbuds: Always listening to music on flights or watching something, so earbuds are key! This pair has worked for years and are under $10 + Prime!

In terms of my checked bag, I tried to pack everything possible in the cubes or in shoe bags. I organized the bags by tops, bottoms, swimsuits/coverups, undies, and an extra bag for dirty clothes on the way back! The key to using cubes is to roll everything. This will maximize space and allow you to see all the contents! Just remember to bring a steamer with you. That’s something we forgot and a few items were definitely wrinkly!

In addition, I packed any additional bags, inexpensive footwear and non-essential toiletries in my checked bag.

I think that pretty much covers it! What are some necessities you bring in your carry on?



12 Honeymoon Essentials for a Sunny Destination

Style Blogger Lauren Meyer of The Lo Meyer Blog shares 12 Honeymoon Essentials for a Sunny Destination

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Like I mentioned in my last post, Kevin and I had a busy weekend! We went to WI to celebrate my cousin’s wedding then went to Milwaukee on Saturday for a friend’s birthday. Sunday and Monday were spent traveling, hanging around and relaxing after a busy few weeks!

Side note – my blog posting schedule has been a little all over the place lately with holidays and traveling. But, I’ll be back to posting 3 times a week from now on! Sorry for any confusion! 🤗

This is the fifth post in the wedding series, and one personally requested by one of my best friends who’s getting married! Today, I’ve rounded up 12 “essentials” for a warm-weather honeymoon (think all inclusive or beach vacay!). Based on my experience, I’m sharing my top 5 must-haves below!

click on each product or the corresponding number below the image to shop the product!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 (top, bottom) | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

A Beach Hat: Besides sunscreen and cute sunnies, a beach hat is an essential for keeping you protected from the harmful rays of the sun! And, if you’re like me, you’ll need a hat to keep your hair part from getting burnt – lol! I also love to use hats to cover my face while sunbathing or to hide things under if I decide to take a dip! This one is so cute, but Nordstrom has a ton of other cute ones (including customizable ones) here.

A Cover Up: On a beach vacay, I live in cover-ups. So the fact that this one has lace details AND is on sale for $42 makes it perfect! Plus, it comes in white which is made for brides! The front tie also makes it easy to slip on and off or just wear draped around your shoulders. I managed to try this one on in stores and feel that the S fits TTS (typically wear XS-S).

A Cute Suit: I feel like this kind of goes without saying, right? You don’t go on your honeymoon to a sunny destination without a seriously cute swimsuit! This two piece (top, bottom) and this one piece are both perfect for a honeymoon! I love the bright color of the one piece and feel like it was made for the Caribbean. Plus, it’s on sale under $30, so can’t beat that!

A Beach Bag: Since you’re likely going to be going back and forth between the beach, the pool and your room a lot, having a bag to carry your sunscreen, towels, sunnies etc is very important! This toucan tote is adorable and the perfect size to fit all of the essentials! Plus, they literally describe it as being “packable” so it’s sure to fit into your luggage. It’s currently on sale for just over $53 and would be something you could use on any vacation for years to come!

Lingerie: What would a honeymoon be without lingerie to surprise your new husband?! I love Free People because their bodysuits often double as lingerie meaning you’ll be able to wear it in the bedroom and out and about (with pants on! lol!). This white lace one is gorgeous and would look great with white skinnies if worn out!

Rounding all this up really makes me want to take a beach vacation! But, I’ll settle for one of our 10,000 lakes given that it’s now 90 degrees outside 😋

& Remember, the Nordstrom sale is still going on! I updated my sale picks in this post again this morning!

Have a great day everyone!


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