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How We Flipped and “Renovated” Our Kitchen for $500

Happy Monday fam! We had a *more* relaxing weekend than we’ve had the last few weeks. If you’ve been following on the ‘gram, we’ve been busy working away on the house! We managed to effectively “flip” our kitchen. We painted the walls and cabinets plus swapped out all the hardware and, to be honest, it looks like a completely different kitchen. Plus it cost us just about $500 – yeah! No joke!

I got a TON of messages about the reno process! What we did, our paint colors, supplies we got etc! I’m breaking it all down (with Kev’s help, haha!) below. Because we’re newbie homeowners, and this is the first home blog post I’m writing (yay! more to come!), I didn’t get the best before photos but did manage to snap a few I included below.

We just finished decorating the living room and will be working on my office + the guest bedroom starting this weekend. I know we’re not the only ones focusing on house projects during this quarantine period! I hope you guys are finding projects to keep you busy & enjoying time to just RELAX. Like I mentioned, make sure you’re taking time to rest. We never get enough and if there’s any time for a few lazy days, it’s now! Plus every retailer is having massive sales lol. So relax and indulge in some retail therapy – haha!

How we flipped and "renovated" our kitchen for $500 | Style Blogger Lauren Meyer shares How we flipped and "renovated" our kitchen for $500
How we flipped and "renovated" our kitchen for $500 | Style Blogger Lauren Meyer shares How we flipped and "renovated" our kitchen for $500
How we flipped and "renovated" our kitchen for $500 | Style Blogger Lauren Meyer shares How we flipped and "renovated" our kitchen for $500


**quick disclaimer: prepping will take you just as long if not longer than painting will. You want to make sure you clean and sand the cabinets well or else the primer/paint will not go on properly. Also, we did paint the walls of the kitchen the normal – primer then a coat of paint way (Benjamin Moore Snowbound is our shade) – I’ll save the explanation since I figure we all know how to paint a room!**

    • PAINT/PRIMER: We needed paint & primer specific for cabinets (ask the peeps at Home Depot for help! You can call your local store to avoid going in & order for curbside pick up!)
    • HARDWARE: We picked up these packs of hardware (pulls & hinges), which were more affordable! We LOVE them, and they were super easy to install! Measure beforehand to ensure you get the right size and COUNT the number you need! lol, we ended up with too many pulls and not enough hinges.
    • TOOLS: make sure you have a powerful drill – we learned this the hard way, haha! It’ll make putting the cabinets and hardware back on way easier. Also grab a pack of sandpaper (150/medium grit) and cloths for sanding the cabinets.
    • MISC: Grab tarp or paper to cover any surfaces as well as painters’ tape. And then, if you can, grab painters’ pyramids so that you can paint both sides of your cabinets and avoid sticking. We didn’t grab these and had buyer’s remorse – it took longer to finish because of this!
  2. PREP
    • Remove Cabinet Doors/Hardware: We took off all the cabinet doors/drawers and put them on a tarp in the front bedroom. Important!! We labeled every door/drawer with the corresponding cabinet so we wouldn’t forget where they went! Since some of you asked – we left all of our dishes in for the most part and pushed them to the back. WE covered them with paper towel to avoid dust/paint getting in. We have pretty big cabinets so this wasn’t an issue for us. We did empty the drawers and just labeled the contents so we knew where they belonged.
    • Wash Cabinets: We used a tsp concentrate + water to wash them all down. Make sure to mix it with water! We did this Friday night and left them to dry overnight.
    • Sand: After the cabinets are dry, using the sand paper, sand down every inch of wood you plan to paint. Like when you paint your nails, you want to create a surface the paint and primer can grip to. You essentially want to remove the shiny surface that was there before!
    • Wipe Clean: Wipe the dust from the sanding away with a microfiber cloth!
    • Tape: finish off the prep by taping all the edges off so you don’t get paint on the trim, ceiling, walls or counter!
  3. PAINT!
    • Prime: Do your first layer of primer – we chose this one because it adheres well to shiny surfaces. And, because it’s water based it dried super quickly (oil based takes days to dry). We tried to tackle the cabinets first and then the doors. As the doors were drying we moved back to do the first layer of paint on the cabinets etc.
    • Paint: Paint the cabinets & doors/drawers two times. We ended up doing two coats to get that perfect white we wanted! We used the shade “frost” by Behr in a satin finish. From our research, glossy, semi-gloss and satin are the most common cabinet finishes. We liked the matte look of the satin finish best. We still have some touch ups to do where we taped etc but overall we LOVE the color! It’s a very cool-toned, pure white.
  4. FINISH!
    • Hardware: install your new hardware or reinstall your old hardware!
    • Clean up all supplies

All in all, this process took Kevin and I two weekends – between painting the walls and the cabinets. Two longggg weekends. But we LOVE our kitchen – it feels like we have a new house! And, we instantly added SO much value to our home for $500 total. Crazy! I hope this helps you guys in your home projects! Feel free to ask questions, hopefully I didn’t miss anything!

How we flipped and "renovated" our kitchen for $500 | Style Blogger Lauren Meyer shares How we flipped and "renovated" our kitchen for $500

Liking our supplies we grabbed below!



Holiday Decor

Happy Friday Eve friends! We’re about finished decorating for the holidays. Minus the tree. In case you missed my Instagram stories yesterday, we attempted to set up our tree yesterday only to find that our tree doesn’t fit in our new house! The tree we have now was actually my sister’s so it’s pretty old and has definitely seen better days. Probably time for an upgrade anyway! I’m gonna start sharing some holiday decor in stories over the next couple of days but wanted to round up everything we have that’s currently in stock here for you all! I’ll link the tree once we have it!

Speaking of stories – be sure to follow along in the coming week. As always, I’ll be covering all of the best sales so you don’t have to stress over the holiday weekend!! I’ll also be rounding up sales starting next Wednesday on the blog. You can subscribe to my newsletter HERE. I’ll send out sales blasts once the posts start going up! So excited to share all of the good deals with all of you! And, if you need Thanksgiving outfit inspo, I shared a ton of outfits last week on the blog.

Have a great night everyone!

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Holiday Gift Guide for the Home

I’m in a race against time to get this post up before our internet cuts out again! We’ve been having issues all day and our internet provider can’t send someone out until Tuesday to fix it. So it looks like I’ll be hanging at Caribou tomorrow – not complaining though, lol!

Sharing my third gift guide today – gifts for the home! These would be perfect for first time homeowners, newlyweds, a hostess but really they work for anyone! I especially love these gorgeous $12 coffee mugs and this customizable book stack – perfect for a family! And you can get a loved one’s handwritten recipe on this $40 customizable cutting board. The maker will copy their handwriting and everything! So cool!

Sharing some favorites in the collage below and more at the bottom of the post! As with my other gift guides, as I come across more finds throughout the coming weeks I’ll update this post! You can see all of my gift guides here! Happy Sunday friends!

Holiday Gifts for the home | home gift guide | Christmas Gifts for home | Style Blogger Lauren Meyer shares Holiday Gifts for the home



All the home decor + furniture for the new house! This will be updated regularly as we find new things! We essentially have NO furniture or decor so lots more to come!

Most linens & kitchen items are from Crate & Barrel, and we’ve found most of our furniture at Wayfair. Of course there are a good amount of Target finds sprinkled in!

**click on any image below to shop the product from the retailer’s site!**

Amazon Prime Day Deals


Between the NSale and Prime Day, it truly does feel like Christmas in July! Keeping this short and sweet because these deals are going quick! I’m rounding up the best Amazon Prime Day deals by category – beauty/fashion, home electronics & decor and family finds for today’s post! I will be updating this ALL day today. So I recommend having this page open in a separate tab in your browser and refreshing throughout the day for my new finds! Happy Shopping!

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