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5 MUST HAVE Hair Products + Tools for Short Hair

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An alternate title for this post could also be “MUST HAVE hair products for fine hair” because, lets be honest, your girl has a head full of fine hair! But, regardless, everything I’m sharing today are my tried and true hair products for my short hair gals! I’m also sharing a bit about what my stylist does to my hair in the salon!

As someone who’s had short hair on and off for over a decade, I like to think I’ve been through the gamut of “volumizing” and “texturizing” hair products. Drugstore to high-end, I’ve probably tried them all. And these are the ones I can’t live without!

I’ve really challenged myself to keep this post about products that would best benefit short hair, not just hair in general. So, if you’re looking for more of my basic hair tips head here! And, if you want all of the products I use, you can find those here.

Also, one last thing about my cut in particular since this question frequently pops up in my Instagram messages – I get a lob (long bob) with internal texture and long layers. My color is primarily foils with my natural color (dark blonde/light brown). If you’re local, I see Gina at Suite Spot Salon Spa! You can save $$ by mentioning I sent ya!

5 MUST HAVE Hair Products + Tools

  1. The right tools – If I could give each of you $500 and tell you to get my curling wand (which comes with a separate detachable base), my straightener and blow dryer I’d for sure do that. Because the trifecta of all three working together is truly magical. But, if I had to narrow it down to one, I’d say the blow dryer is a MUST HAVE for short hair. Does that surprise you? It did for me since it’s the newest addition to my collection of tools! But it’s the only hair tool I use that gives you insane volume and lift while leaving your ends silky-soft. I was getting so annoyed with how limp and lifeless my hair felt before getting it – it quite literally breathed life back into my hair!
  2. Lanza Styling Mousse – I picked up this bottle last August when I chopped may hair and the same bottle is still going strong! A little goes a long way. This isn’t technically a volumizing mousse. I use this spray for volumizer. What this does though is add volume and texture, which makes your bob a bit more piecey as it defines the layers.
  3. Klorane Dry Shampoo – Bed head is a short haired girl’s worst nightmare. Random kinks all over the place AND half of it always ends up flat to your head. Seriously, what did we do before dry shampoo? You ladies know I am a die hair drugstore dry shampoo gal. But, considering I use a bottle every two weeks (I know, I know), I figured it would be good to invest in one that had more natural ingredients. I tried this dry shampoo and am HOOKED. I’ve been using it for over a month and it works SO well! I can go a full week without washing and still wear my hair down at the end. Truly a miracle. I use it both day and night.
  4. A Smoothing Serum – there’s two products I would recommend for this. I use both but you can definitely just use one or the other too! First is Alterna’s CC cream that you apply to damp hair. It helps smooth your hair while providing UV/Heat protection as well as anti-aging protection! When I’m done styling my hair, I’ll use maybe a dime size amount of this serum. A little goes a long way. This is hands down the best smoothing serum I’ve ever used! It leaves your hair so silky and smells amazing! Both of these products will help keep your hair smooth and silky without sacrificing volume as both are so lightweight! I apply both from mid-shaft down (on the ends of my hair).
  5. Living Proof Full Dry Volume – This is another product that I firmly believe is magic in a bottle. After I’m done styling my hair, I’ll take random sections and spray this into the roots. It helps create insane lift and volume as well as provides some texture. This one is a great, drugstore, alternative!

What’s one hair product you can’t live without?



How to Care for Tape-In Hair Extensions

Beauty Blogger Lauren Meyer of the Lo Meyer Blog shares How to Care for Tape-In Hair Extensions; Hair Extension Care Beauty Blogger Lauren Meyer of the Lo Meyer Blog shares How to Care for Tape-In Hair Extensions; Hair Extension Care

Happy Friday everyone!

This is a much anticipated post and one highly requested from my Instagram followers! Last December I got tape-in hair extensions and have been LOVING them ever since. I get a lot of questions on what type of hair extensions to get and how to care for them. I hope to answer most if not all of those questions in this post. And, give the deets on this super cute outfit that’s perfect for work and weekend wear! So, let’s hop to it!

But first, HOLD UP, are extensions even right for you? Extensions are not for the faint of heart. It’s true, they do make styling your hair a lot easier (I wash/curl my hair once a week now). BUT they require TLC on a daily basis. I’m not talking hours, but you should be prepared to comb them a few times, braid your hair at night and invest in quality hair products. Second, they’re not cheap. If you think eyelash extensions or getting a manicure is expensive, try hair extensions. This is an investment. And if taken care of properly, you can make them last upwards of a year!

PS, if you’re looking for clarification on what type of extensions to get (clip-in v. tape-in v. bonded v. braided etc), there’s a post coming on that! This post was more requested so that’s why I’m doing it first! So, we’ll be talking about how to care for tape-in hair extensions in this post!

Beauty Blogger Lauren Meyer of the Lo Meyer Blog shares How to Care for Tape-In Hair Extensions; Hair Extension Care Beauty Blogger Lauren Meyer of the Lo Meyer Blog shares How to Care for Tape-In Hair Extensions; Hair Extension Care


Probably the most important thing you can do when you have tape-ins (or any semi-permanent extension) is to wash properly. This includes how often, the technique and products you use!

Products: As I’ve said before in this post, it is imperative that you use a shampoo and conditioner that do not contain sulfates or parabens. This goes for anyone, but especially if you have tape-in extensions. Sulfates and parabens are chemical detergents used in things like dish soap that are very harsh on your scalp and strip your hair of its natural oils. Tape-ins do not grow from your root, so don’t get the natural oil produced by your scalp. If you strip your extensions of their coating by using the wrong shampoo and conditioner you cut down on their life, dry them out and make them very unmanageable. I used this shampoo and this conditioner for years before extensions and, luckily, they are perfect to use with extensions as well!

You may also want to pick up a clarifying shampoo or scalp exfoliator. These will help remove any buildup between your bonds and ensure you have a healthy scalp. I use both – my exfoliator on my crown (above the first extensions) and the clarifying shampoo all over. Caution however, clarifying shampoo can strip color out over time. So use this one sparingly (I use it about once a month!).

Technique: Washing your hair with tape-ins is different from washing just your natural hair. You have to be meticulous. It takes longer, but you can do it less often! You should use shampoo everywhere you can. I often lift up my bonds, make sure they’re properly wetted and then gently massage shampoo in-between the layers. Don’t forget under your hair and behind your ears too! You’ll want to rinse the same way you apply – by lifting every layer. Rinsing shampoo from extensions takes about 2X as long as when you don’t have them so make sure to rinse in between every layer! For conditioner, make sure you apply it from mid-shaft down only. I then lightly run the remaining amount over my scalp and thoroughly rinse. Most people advise you not to do this with extensions, but, if I don’t do this, I end up with a tangled mess on top of my head!

Semi-wash: This is a hair hack my hair stylist Gina told me about. Since the extensions themselves take longer to get greasy, you can often get away with braiding your extension layers and just washing your crown in the sink. You then don’t have to deal with washing your full head, which can take quite a while (and saves on products too!).

Post-wash: Make sure to spray a detangler like this one throughout your hair and gently comb through it. I use this wet brush. You’ll want to wait a max of 30-40 minutes and then blow dry your hair. You always want to make sure you dry your extensions to avoid any mildew build-up between the layers (seriously, gross!). I generally blow-dry mine on a medium heat setting in 3 sections starting at the bottom and focus mainly on my scalp to ensure the bonds are dry. I let the ends from mid-shaft down air dry to avoid damaging them.

Beauty Blogger Lauren Meyer of the Lo Meyer Blog shares How to Care for Tape-In Hair Extensions; Hair Extension Care Beauty Blogger Lauren Meyer of the Lo Meyer Blog shares How to Care for Tape-In Hair Extensions; Hair Extension Care

DO’s & DON’Ts

There are a number of do’s and don’ts when it comes to styling & caring for tape-in extensions:


  • Use a heat protectant before any styling (the detangler I linked has one in it). I also use this one as an added protection just on my ends!
  • Gently brush them several times a day using an extension brush like this one that won’t catch on your bonds.
  • Braid your hair or put it in a low pony before sleeping to avoid tangling.
  • Always dry your hair or use a good dry shampoo post-workout.
  • Head to the stylist every 8-10 weeks to have them moved (generally when you can start to see them and they’re harder to hide!)
  • Use non-damaging hair ties like these.


  • Sleep with wet extensions because this can damage them!
  • Use a regular brush on wet extensions
  • Use oil based products near the roots (like argan oil or Moroccan Oil) because this can loosen the bonds.
  • Let products build up between the layers or on your scalp – make sure to wash when you need to!

I hope this answers most of your questions about hair extension care! Please let me know if you have any remaining questions in the comments OR by emailing me at! And, remember if you’re in the Twin Cities area, you can get 25% off any service with my stylist Gina at Evolution by mentioning me! Extension installation included!

Beauty Blogger Lauren Meyer of the Lo Meyer Blog shares How to Care for Tape-In Hair Extensions; Hair Extension Care

Outfit Details: This wrap top is perfect for both work and weekend wear! It’s a classic, flattering style that comes in a few different colors. I got the black because it’s great to wear anytime of the year for virtually any occasion. It fits TTS (wearing XS). These jeans are staples for me! So comfortable and comes in regular, petite & tall sizes! Wearing 0short! And, this new tote from Hammitt is an essential for work, travel or weekend errands. The leather is SO soft and it comes in a gorgeous array of colors! It’s on the pricier end, but so well made that I know it’ll last for years. Plus, if you get a classic color like this ivory shade, it will never go out of style.

What are you all up to this weekend? I’m heading out to dinner with one of my best girlfriends who’s in town tonight. So excited to see her! I’m not sure where we’re headed yet, but I’m hoping it’ll be somewhere with yummy cocktails 😋! Tomorrow, Kev & I are headed out to do a bit of exploring and maybe head to a pop-up shop in St. Paul in the afternoon.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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