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Gift Guide: 30+ Stocking Stuffers

30+ Stocking Stuffers; Popular Blogger Lauren Meyer of The Lo Meyer Blog shares 30+ Stocking Stuffers

Alright, I’m just gonna come out and say it. We are less than TWO WEEKS out from Christmas. Two weeks everyone! Now, don’t worry – I’m here to help! If you’re still wrapping up your Christmas shopping (see what I did there), I have a ton of gift guides located here to help you find the perfect gift!

Today, is my last gift guide. Remember, if you order an item through one of my links online and pick up in store, I still get credit AND you don’t have to worry about the item getting to you on time!

Below, you’ll find items that make the perfect stocking stuffers! This bracelet as well as this cuff are two blog bestsellers and ship prime! I own and wear both on a daily basis! And, I recently came across this personalized name necklace for under $20! Such a steal and fun, unique gift to give a loved one for the holidays. And, if you need more ideas, a lot of retailers have separate “stocking stuffer” sections like Shopbop and Nordstrom! Below my collage, I’ve rounded up a ton of other great stocking stuffers if you’re looking for more ideas!

**click on the product photo to shop it from the retailer’s page!!**

Necklace | Name Necklace | Link Bracelet | Cuff | Earrings | Beauty Blender | Body Scrub | Hand Cream | Eyeshadow | Hair Coils | Tan Scarf | Striped Scarf | Candle | Slippers | Chocolate | Sugarfina Pack | Boss Babe Tumbler


Gift Guide: 20+ Gifts for Coworkers Under $30

Popular blogger Lauren Meyer of The Lo Meyer Blog shares 20+ Gifts for Coworkers under $30

Happy Friday friends! Did we all survive Cyber Week? I did, but I’m not sure I can say the same for my wallet! If you can’t tell by the time this post is being published, my week has been WAY thrown off by the cyber sale madness. To say I’m ready for a normal week next week would be an understatement!

One of the most requested gift guides this year was a gift guide for coworkers or an office gift exchange. And, when I think about it, pre-blogging, this would be the gift guide I would find most useful too! Office gift exchanges can just be awkward. Any other year you may just resort to a gift card. But, this year, I’m here to help you find a gift that’s a bit more creative! Below, you’ll find over 20 gifts that are perfect for an office gift exchange. In the collage, I’ve rounded up gifts based on “type” of recipient. Whether you’re shopping for the office coffee addict (that was me!) or the silent thinker, I’ve got you covered! And, better yet, all of these gifts are under $30!

click on the product’s image to shop it from the retailer’s page!

Calendar | Notebook | 5 Minute Journal | Kiehl’s Gift Set | Sephora Eyeshadow Palette | Mario Badescu Set | Tin Candle | Essential Oil Set | Diffuser | Contigo Thermos | Boss Babe Thermos | Portable Coffee Maker | Coffee Flavoring

If you’re in need of other ideas, you can find all of my other gift guides here! Check back weekly until Christmas for a new gift guide and you can head here for a breakdown of gifts by person!



Gift Guide: 15+ Gifts for Him Under $50

Popular Style Blogger Lauren Meyer of The Lo Meyer Blog shares Gift Guide: Gifts for Him Under $50, Affordable Gifts for Him


Happy Tuesday everyone! As promised, LOTS of holiday content this week. Starting with my round up of gifts for him under $50 today!

I think we can all agree that men are the hardest to shop for, right?! If they want something, they just buy it. And, even if you manage to get them something they don’t have, it takes a bit of creativity to make it special (a pair of socks just isn’t that exciting, sorry!). Today, I’m sharing over 15 gifts for him that won’t break the bank and are sure to be a hit!

I’ve compiled them all in the collage below and detailed my top 3 picks!

Before we begin, however, have you seen all the good sales already happening? It’s like Black Friday’s on steroids this year! LOFT is 40% off your purchase with code “BESTWEEK” (see my top picks here), American Eagle is 40% off + Free Ship & Express is 50% off + Free Ship to name a few! Don’t hesitate to shop the sales now, it’ll save you time and stress later in the week when everyone’s shopping and sizes are going quickly!

Remember that I’ll be sharing more gift guides, Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales guides, holiday party attire, makeup looks in the coming weeks! You can find it all under the “holiday” tab in the upper right hand corner of your page. Be sure to subscribe to my blog to stay updated on new post notifications. And bookmark my holiday tab so you have easy access once the sales start on Turkey Day! You can expect a sales roundup post from me that morning so you can shop the posts while recovering from your Turkey Coma 😋.

Gifts for Him Under $50

click on the image below to shop the product!

Beer Map | Pint Set | Flask | Growler | Slippers | Fleece Pants | Training Pants | Fleece Pullover | Beard Comb | Beard Balm | Kiehl’s Gift Set | Carhartt Hat | Echo Dot | Yeti | Wallet

Beer Lover’s Set: Any combo of this Beer Map, Pint Set, Flask and Growler would be great for your favorite Beer or Spirit lover! We gave a similar Beer Map to my dad a few years back, and he loved it! This Etsy shop has most every state and country! Such a fun and personalized gift.

Cozy Gift: This cozy pullover (on sale for $45) + pair of slippers would make the perfect gift for your favorite homebody! Totaling under $90 together, this could easily knock out one whole person on your list!

Echo Dot: The gift that’s good for any guy of any age! From playing music to checking weather, the Echo Dot with Alexa does it all and for only $40! It’s really a no brainer! We got an Echo for Christmas a few years back and use it almost every day. We also got our nephews Echo Dots for Christmas last year, and they use theirs all the time. It’s a fool-proof gift!

For more gifts for him & for every other person on your list, you can find the rest of my gift guides here! These will be updated throughout the coming weeks! And, my gift guide for the outdoorsmen from last year is here.



The Cozy Gift Guide

Popular Style Blogger Lauren Meyer of The Lo Meyer Blog shares The Cozy Gift Guide

Happy Thursday everyone!

Today, we are starting our Gift Guide series! That’s right, more holiday content coming your way. About two weeks ago, I asked for your help in determining what gift guides you all would like to see. I got a lot of requests for general gifts for your friends, family (siblings, in-laws, parents etc), significant others as well as office gift exchanges. So, every week leading up to the big day, I will be releasing a new themed gift guide. In addition, you can find general gifts for “him, her, in-laws, decor, beauty” etc listed under the Holiday tab. I will have specific gift guides for some of these categories, but in case you wanna get a jump start on your shopping or want more ideas, you can head here (FYI these will be updated tonight, and I’ll add to them throughout the season!).

For this post, I’ve rounded up the perfect items to give to your favorite homebody in my cozy gift guide! These gifts would be perfect for a girlfriend, sister, mom/MIL or friend! I’ve gathered up some top picks in the collage below as well as more items under that. I’m detailing my favorites under the collage in case you need help deciding!

And, as a reminder, Thanksgiving is ONE week from today (what?!?!). In case you missed it, you can find 10+ outfits that are perfect for Turkey Day here. Many are eligible to order online for in store pick up so you can get them before the holiday!

**click on the image below to shop the product from the retailer’s page**

Boots | Hat | Candles | Blanket | Fleece | Pajamas | Slippers | Snowflake Mugs | Mug Warmer | Nespresso | Josie Maran Body Scrub | Sephora Sheet Masks | Cardigan

  1. Nespresso with Aeroccino: Hands down, the best Christmas gift I ever got was my Nespresso! I got it last year from my parents and use it everyday. It’s definitely a bit pricier, so this would make the perfect group gift or splurge for yourself. But, it will pay for itself! I only get coffee out a few times a month now, and I look forward to using it every morning. It literally brightens my day! And, it ships Prime 😏. I found these super cute mugs to go with it, but if you follow me on the gram, you also know I LOVE these mugs. You can get 15% off the ones from Etsy with code INSTA15.
  2. Faux Fur Blanket: Cozy and oh so chic, this blanket travels with me from room to room! It’s under $30 + Prime ship so makes for the perfect, affordable gift. It’s very luxe and feels much pricier than it is! Plus, if you live in the North, you can never really have too many blankets, am I right?!
  3. Face Masks: No self-care night is complete without a face mask! These would be perfect to give as a gift to your best girl or girlfriend. They also would be great to divide up among friends and give as separate gifts. Sephora has a ton of great beauty gift sets that would be great to divide up this way to get the most bang for your buck!

Other Cozy Gifts:

**click on the image below to shop the product from the retailer’s page**


What’s on your wishlist this holiday season? I’m eyeing up this cozy cardigan – I heard it’s like wearing a cloud. Sign me up!

And, because we are nearing the biggest shopping week(s) of the year, a reminder that you’ll be able to find Black Friday + Cyber Monday sales guides under the “Holiday” tab on my blog. These days can be very overwhelming, so let me be your guide! I’ll have a roundup of sale picks from our favorite retailers as well as a list of the sales happening at most major stores! Thank you all for shopping through my links this holiday season! The small commission I make from your purchases helps to keep this blog going, and I appreciate it more than you know!



Garmin vívomove HR: The Fashionable Smartwatch

Popular Style blogger Lauren Meyer of The Lo Meyer Blog shares her review of the Garmin Vívomove HR: The Fashionable Smartwatch

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you know that I’m all about wearing staple pieces multiple ways. And, you probably also know that I’m never without a watch. There’s something about having a classy, chic timepiece that really ties a whole look together.

A few years ago, I dropped a pretty penny on a fitness tracker that I used for maybe 6 months. It was big and bulky, not user friendly and just didn’t go with my style. Although it was advertised as a smart watch, it was so obviously not a watch. It had a huge square face, with a screen that looked like it was straight out of the 90’s. I could change out the bands but that did little to make it look more fashionable. And, let’s be honest, as a fashion blogger, having a stylish watch is somewhat of a selling point for me!

So when I came across the Garmin vívomove HR, I was intrigued. It’s a smart watch that keeps track of your daily fitness, keeps you updated on your notifications and looks like a normal watch. In fact, if you told me it was a smart watch I may not believe you right away. It looks identical to my regular watches I wear all the time and love. Or should I say, *wore* all the time and loved?

Popular Style blogger Lauren Meyer of The Lo Meyer Blog shares her review of the Garmin Vívomove HR: The Fashionable Smartwatch Popular Style blogger Lauren Meyer of The Lo Meyer Blog shares her review of the Garmin Vívomove HR: The Fashionable Smartwatch

Since getting my Garmin a few weeks back, I’ve been reaching for my other watches less and less. Why settle for a regular watch when you can have one that does everything? You can use it at the gym and then immediately go about your day without having to change it. And, it keeps you updated on anything and everything.

As a blogger (and a millennial), it’s no secret that staying connected is very important. But, it’s not always possible to have my big phone on me at all times. Literally, it doesn’t fit in my pocket! With the vívomove HR, I’m notified the same way I would be on my phone – when anyone comments on my Instagram post, when someone texts me, when I get a call etc.

Okay, so you may be thinking, “I don’t want to be that connected”. But, it actually gives me more freedom. I can quickly glance at the watch to see if it’s something important that I need to address immediately or if it’s something I can address later. When I do that with my phone, I somehow black out and, ten minutes later, realize I’ve been scrolling through the ‘gram when really what I meant to do was just check a text from Kevin. I KNOW I’m not alone in this! Using my watch for notifications keeps me on track and more focused – something that I desperately need when my schedule is as busy as it is.

Besides notifications, this watch is packed full of other unique features, like the stress tracker. We talk a lot on Instagram stories about ways to manage stress and anxiety. I’ve also talked at length about what a factor stress can play into my migraines. Finding a watch that has tools built in to combat stress seems like a Godsend! The watch monitors your stress levels throughout the day so you know that if you get too high on the chart, it’s time to scale back. And, it may surprise you. When I know that I’m stressed, but think I can power through I’ll glance down and realize that I need a break. Sometimes, it takes that outside perspective (even if it’s just a watch) telling you to slow down and take it easy.

And, of course, it comes packed full of other features as well. It has your basic step counter and heart rate monitor. But also has a calorie counter, advanced sleep monitoring as well as current weather details and more! All of these features hook up to the Garmin Connect app on your phone so you can view all of your stats in one place. You can also completely customize the screen so that you see the time, weather etc when you look at it. I of course, have it set to see the weather so I know exactly what to wear throughout the day!

As long as we’re talking about appearance, I can’t not talk about the physical specs of the watch. I mean, this is a fashion blog, right?! The vívomove HR comes with a suede band (mine is grey) but has an additional silicone band if you want to change it out for workouts. It comes in 4 colors and I have the rose gold + grey color. I love this one because I feel that it’s very classic and goes with most everything. In addition, it’s fit to go with any 20 mm band. You can bet I’ve already hit up Garmin’s site for some additional ones to change out my look!
Popular Style blogger Lauren Meyer of The Lo Meyer Blog shares her review of the Garmin Vívomove HR: The Fashionable Smartwatch Popular Style blogger Lauren Meyer of The Lo Meyer Blog shares her review of the Garmin Vívomove HR: The Fashionable Smartwatch Popular Style blogger Lauren Meyer of The Lo Meyer Blog shares her review of the Garmin Vívomove HR: The Fashionable Smartwatch

In case you’re wondering how well this watch transitions from a workout to work outfit, I’ve styled it two different ways for this post. The first is how I’d wear the watch for doing yoga (arguably my favorite workout, bye cardio!). The watch didn’t slide down my wrist at all, even in a downward dog position. Which is quite impressive given I’m pretty petite and have small wrists!

Popular Style blogger Lauren Meyer of The Lo Meyer Blog shares her review of the Garmin Vívomove HR: The Fashionable Smartwatch Popular Style blogger Lauren Meyer of The Lo Meyer Blog shares her review of the Garmin Vívomove HR: The Fashionable Smartwatch

Next, I paired the watch with a typical business casual look. Worn with a sweater and jeans, it can easily be paired with a casual outfit. However, it’s nice enough that you could also wear it with dress pants or a sweater dress! You can even wear it with the most casual athleisure look like I did here. It’s so versatile and really goes with anything! Don’t be surprised if you see it permanently attached to my wrist in the coming months!

And, I know it’s not even the holiday season yet, but if you need a gift idea, this would make the perfect gift – for a loved one or yourself!

What do you think your favorite feature of the watch would be?


**Thank you Garmin for sponsoring today’s post. As always, all opinions are my own. You can read more about my sponsored posts here**


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