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NSale Beauty Faves

Happy Friday! Sharing a round up of in stock beauty faves from the NSale! Lots of my beauty staples are included like my go to shampoo/conditioner, my eyelash serum and hair dryer.

I’m also eyeing up this face + eyeshadow palette! I love the range of colors in it, and you get eyeshadow, blush, and highlight all in one! It comes in warm or cool tones. And, if you’re in need of a great highlight, my fave brand Becca just came out with this kit!

Click on any image below to shop the product!

Kev and I are off to Milwaukee tomorrow for a friend’s wedding! We’re going to *attempt* to be on the road by 7am to avoid the massive construction on 494. Wish us luck – haha!

Have a great weekend everyone! Stay tuned Sunday for my weekly Instagram and sales round up (it’s back!). And for those subscribed to my emails, I’m moving my emails to a weekly newsletter. It will go out on Sunday and have a round up of every post from the week as well as your favorite outfits from that week. It’ll also have a list of top sales! If you’re not subscribed, you can sign up here! You won’t want to miss it!


Sephora Spring Sale Picks

Happy Friday Friends!! I know I normally do my Instagram round ups on Friday, but there is a HUGE Sephora sale happening that needs immediate attention! The weekly roundup will be up later today or tomorrow!

Twice a year, Sephora holds a site-wide sale for their Beauty Insiders. This is a big deal because they don’t hold site-wide sales any other time of year. I typically stock up on all of my beauty products for the next 6 months during these sales because, let’s be honest, good quality beauty products are expensive! If you’re not already a beauty insider, it’s free to sign up and you instantly gain access to the sale!

Typically, you get 10-20% off site-wide depending on the amount you spend at Sephora in a year. But, I was lucky enough to gain access to all of the sale codes, and I’m sharing them in this post! eeek!! It’s like Christmas!

The sale ends 5/6 and items WILL sell out. Some of my favorites that always go fast are my shampoo and conditioner that I’ve used for years and have also gotten my sister hooked on. We swear it makes our fine/thin hair thicker! My CC cream that I use on my hair before blow-drying. This stuff is life changing – makes my hair hydrated in the winter and not a flat mess in the summer! Also, I’ve had one tube over 2 years! And my foundation, which lasts a full 18 hours!

Also, this is a great time to invest in pricey items like my straightener and curling wand (which comes as a convertible base and wand attachment). These are the top products I would recommend. I’ve rounded up others I own and use regularly below in both makeup and hair categories!

And ICYMI, I did a spring makeup tutorial on stories yesterday – it’s all saved to my Instagram highlights and almost every product included is part of the sale! You can also find every product used linked here!


10% off with code HEYINSIDER

15% off with code HEYVIB

20% off with code HEYROUGE




My Skincare Routine

Blogger Lauren Meyer of The Lo Meyer Blog shares her skincare routine using Korean Beauty Line Saranghae

Hello & Happy Friday Everyone!

If you follow my Instagram stories, you know this post has been a LONG time coming! I’m so excited to be sharing my skincare routine today as that’s something I get quite a few questions on! I’m even including before and after photos of what my skin looked like before I started the routine I do now!

And, if you follow me on the ‘gram and watch my stories, you know that adult acne is something I struggle with. I didn’t always struggle with acne. In fact, I rarely had blemishes as a teen. Which made my adult acne that much more unbearable. I didn’t know how to handle it, what caused it, and it took me years (and hundreds spent on various products) to find a solution. All the while, most of my friends had perfectly clear skin and had grown out of the breakout phase I was just starting. Fun times!

Around this time last year, I partnered with a Korean skincare brand called Saranghae. Like most partnerships, I viewed this as a great opportunity to test out new products for you all but didn’t have much hope that they’d truly work for my skin. I was stuck in the habit of using the same products from Sephora day in day out because I knew they at least made my acne tolerable. I used Saranghae for three weeks and have never gone back to my old products. For real! I repeat, a relatively new skincare brand kicked my “classics” like Clinique and Origin out the door.

Since that time, I’ve tried various other skincare products because that’s my job – to test new products and styles for you! But, I’ll be honest, I always go back to Saranghae. I’m not totally certain, but I’m pretty sure their products are as close to magic as I can get. I tested this theory back in March. Trying to save money and leaving things to the last minute (surprise, surprise!), I traveled to Sanibel Island with Kevin and my family with a hodge-podge of skincare items. Some had been gifted, others were leftover from what I had used BS (before Saranghae). I came back and things were NOT looking pretty! So, the second I stepped off the plane, I reordered Saranghae’s 5-step plan.

Yes, you read that right. I purchased this product with my OWN money. And, I still do. So, no, this is not a sponsored post!

Here’s a full run down of the 5-step routine I follow everyday with their products. The only modification is that I swap out their serum (Step 2) with Coola’s tanning face serum in the morning to help me get my glow on. Other than that, I follow this to a T.

    1. OIL & FOAM CLEANSER: This cleanser actually has bits of gold in it to enhance your glow. And, let me tell you, it works! It’s incredibly gentle yet insanely effective. It even removes my Estee Lauder Stay-in-Place Foundation that’s technically water proof. You actually use this on dry skin, rinse with warm water and then pat dry!
    2. ESSENCE + SERUM: Essence is a product unique to Korean skin care. Saranghae’s version takes Essence, a traditional Korean anti-aging product, with a typical North American anti-aging serum to form a very effective combination. It’s a gel like product that you put all over your face and neck directly after drying. This is my favorite product out of their entire line because it is so soothing on skin, especially in dry winter months!
    3. MOISTURIZER: After applying the Essence + Serum, I gently rub this into my face and neck. This moisturizer helps repair damaged skin reducing things like redness, age spots and wrinkles. It’s also a really effective moisturizer that doesn’t clog pores, which is hard to come by!
    4. EYE CREAM: Lastly, I use their eye cream on my under-eye, above my brows to reduce sagging, and on my lids too. The thing I really like about this eye cream is its ability to sink into your skin and allow your under-eye concealer to go on smoothly. So often, I cannot use eye creams under makeup because they make my concealer crease or cake horribly. This actually makes my concealer go on smoother!
    5. FACE MASK: Saranghae always sends out a big pack of sheet masks with every bundle too! We all know I love my me-time! So I usually use this mask once a week (the night before I wash my hair, lol).

Great Skin

In terms of price, I’m not gonna lie, it is pricy at first. The complete 5-step routine is $189 with a membership. Membership only means that they will auto-ship you a new bundle when you want it. It defaults to shipping every 45-days, but I find that one box lasts me about 60-80 days. So, I have them ship it every 2 months or so. With every purchase, the price drops. You can read more about their pricing here.

But, before you exit this post convinced that this is too pricey let me ask you – have you ever totaled the skincare products in your cabinet? I’m willing to bet, they come to at least that amount. Or, if they don’t, are they really working for your skin? Are they anti-aging, skin clearing and made from quality ingredients? When I totaled my old skincare products before Saranghae, I found that my eye cream alone was $55, my face wash was $25, my moisturizer $35, and my toner was $15. Plus, I had to purchase replacement heads for my Clarisonic every 4 weeks or so (~$20/piece). So, skincare adds up REAL quick! And I used to pay this for products that only sort of worked and didn’t have as many quality ingredients.

Part of the reason why Saranghae is pricey is because the quality of their ingredients cannot be beat. Their ingredients are botanically based, 100% vegan, paraben, sulfate and pthalate free as well as cruelty free!

Need more convincing? Look at these (unedited) photos I sent them a few months back as part of an acne scarring review. My face was relatively free of breakouts from their products BUT what’s more, their products make my acne scarring fade to basically nothing. Those weird dark spots are literally a thing of the past. These photos are taken at the start of their program again in March, 3 weeks after using it and then 8 weeks after using it.

Blogger Lauren Meyer of The Lo Meyer Blog shares her skincare routine using Korean Beauty Line Saranghae

Doesn’t the last photo look like I’m wearing foundation?! SHOOK PEOPLE! I was so surprised by these photos! You can clearly see a huge improvement in the darkness around my eyes, my acne/scarring as well as the overall evenness of my skin tone.

One last thing, if you’re like me and married to a frugal person or born a frugal person, you may be thinking you can squeeze by by just using *some* of their products. I’m gonna let you know right now that I’ve tried that, and you definitely need the whole routine to make it work. Case in point, two weeks ago, I ran out of my face wash. As most of you know, we just got done moving so I thought I could make do with some random face wash while I waited to get settled and have it shipped to our new address. In the last two weeks, I have had more blemishes than I had all Summer. Needless to say I am tracking my new package like there is no tomorrow because your girl NEEDS this!

So, in a nutshell, my skincare routine involves Saranghae with a touch of Coola for that glow. And, I hope the amount that I’ve gushed in this post tells you how much I love this product (lol).

If you’re ready to try it, you can purchase it from this link! And, if you’ve tried Saranghae, what was your favorite product?

Have a great weekend everyone!



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Best Beauty Products for a Beach Vacation


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Happy Friday everyone!

I hope you all have had an amazing week! We’ve been enjoying our vacay in Sanibel and are so sad that we’re back to snowy MN today. Did you see that we got 5 inches of snow earlier in the week? So sad that we missed out on that fun time – LOL (#sarcasm).

Anyway! I’m keeping this post rather short today because I’m running on about 5 hours of sleep!  I’ve rounded up a ton of the best beauty products for a beach vacation for today’s post. These are products I brought with me or wish I had brought with me on this trip! I’m detailing my top 3 picks below! You can also click on each image in the collage above to be taken to the product’s page or look above and click on the corresponding number to shop! Most of these items are under $40!

  1. Face Sunscreen: One of my first blog posts was dedicated to sunscreen because it is SO IMPORTANT to use on a daily basis but even more so during a beach vacation. This face sunscreen from Neutrogena is perfect for daily wear because it won’t break you out, is relatively non-greasy (as far as sunscreens go), and provides SPF 55. I also tested out this spray sunscreen that works as a makeup setting spray. It does set your makeup nicely; however, I found that it leaves a weird film on top of your skin if used without makeup. I will still repurchase because I haven’t found a sunscreen you can use over foundation/BB cream without messing it up but will be on the lookout for a different brand to test in the future! PS send me your recs if you have any!!
  2. BB Cream: Who wants to wear a full face of makeup while vacationing? Not I! This BB cream from Maybelline is my go-to in the summer and any beach vacay! It leaves a radiant glow to your face and is surprisingly full coverage while also providing SPF 30. I blend it in using my fingers. When I’m tan I use shade medium and when I’m pale I use the light shade. It’s a very neutral tone so works with most skin tones! And, it’s super affordable! There’s also one with benzoyl peroxide for those with sensitive skin. Although I am acne-prone, I have had no issues with the regular SPF one. However, if you use the one with benzoyl in it BE SURE to also use a sunscreen because benzoyl peroxide can make you more susceptible to sun burn!
  3. A Bright Lip Color: I’ve talked A TON on my Instagram stories this week about Sephora’s cream liquid lipstick line. I’ve owned a few lip colors from this line for over two years but kind of forgot about them to be honest. Not sure why I stopped using them because they’re so creamy, not drying, long lasting AND under $15! I’ve been using shade 05 (shimmery light pink) and shade 06 (matte brighter pink) for this trip for a perfect summer lip color!

These are my recommendations for the best beauty products for a beach vacation! I hope you found this post helpful!

Stay tuned for a huge outfit roundup of my Sanibel outfits on Monday!



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