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My Fall Makeup Routine + New Lip Combo

Fall Makeup from Nordstrom | Style Blogger Lauren Meyer shares her Fall Makeup Routine & New Lip Combo!
Fall Makeup from Nordstrom | Style Blogger Lauren Meyer shares her Fall Makeup Routine & New Lip Combo!
Fall Makeup from Nordstrom | Style Blogger Lauren Meyer shares her Fall Makeup Routine & New Lip Combo!
Fall Makeup from Nordstrom | Style Blogger Lauren Meyer shares her Fall Makeup Routine & New Lip Combo!

“How do you get your glow?”, “what’s your lip color?” and “can you do a tutorial on your eye makeup?” are probably the three most common DM’s I get on Instagram. Today I’m answering all three of those questions here as well as linking all of the products I use on a daily basis! I’m also about to share a full tutorial on my makeup routine on stories!

Everything linked here can be found at Nordstrom. I love shopping for beauty products there because they have all of my favorite brands, and I always manage to squeeze in a little clothes shopping at the same time – haha! I also love that they allow you to return a product you’ve already used if you decide it’s not for you! This make shopping for beauty products online so easy and pain free! Plus, through today, Nordstrom’s having their bonus points event – members get 5 points/dollar and cardmembers get 10 points/dollar. Perfect time to stock up on everything you need!

I’m sharing my top three makeup products below that are, in my opinion, must haves to create the perfect Fall makeup look! All three I’ve had for over a year and last forever!

Fall Makeup from Nordstrom | Style Blogger Lauren Meyer shares her Fall Makeup Routine & New Lip Combo!
Fall Makeup from Nordstrom | Style Blogger Lauren Meyer shares her Fall Makeup Routine & New Lip Combo!
Fall Makeup from Nordstrom | Style Blogger Lauren Meyer shares her Fall Makeup Routine & New Lip Combo!

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in “Walk of Shame”

If you’ve followed me for a while, you probably recognize this lipstick in shade “Pillow Talk.” I’ve used it for over a year and still have the same tube. It lasts FOREVER, is super moisturizing and mattifying. I picked up the shade “Walk of Shame” for Fall. It’s the perfect berry color to give you that “kissed lip” look that’s trending for Fall and will work well into the holidays. I layered it over the liner in the same shade for a color that lasts all day!

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

The Naked Heat eye palette has the perfect shades for Fall! Currently, I’ve been using the shades “Sauced” and “Low Blow” for a warm, everyday eye color on my crease and lid. I’ll then mix in the shade “En Fuego” to my crease for a night out. I’ll use the shade “Ashes” for my lower liner! I’ve had this palette for over 2 years, and it’s still going strong. Every shade is so pigmented so a little goes a long way!

Becca Cosmetics Champagne Pop Highlighter

Becca Champagne Pop is the queen of all highlighters! It’ll give you that instant lit-from-within glow and is perfect for anytime of year. I especially love using it in the Winter to keep my skin looking fresh even when it hasn’t seen sun in months! This is another product that lasts forever cause you have to use so little to get that glow! If you’re very fair, I recommend using shades opal or pearl.


**Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. As always, all products were picked out and paid for by me and all opinions are my own!**

Why I stopped waxing and started shaving again

If you watch my stories, you’ll probably remember that monthly “need to wax my sasquatch legs” appointment I’ve had since February. I started waxing because I was so tired of constantly dealing with stubble and razor burn. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of self tanner on razor burn. And, since I typically shave right before tanning, I consider myself somewhat scarred from the many times my legs felt like they were on fire after shaving. So, I gave up shaving and started waxing!

What I loved about waxing is that I didn’t have to deal with razor burn, rarely got ingrown hairs and the hair took a solid 5-10 days to start to reappear. If you had told me last Spring there was a razor out there that could do pretty much the same thing, I’d have laughed. Truly, I thought spending $100/month on my wax membership was the only answer.

So when my friend Taylor texted me telling me I “had” to try this $9 razor I was skeptical. But also curious – I mean how often do your girlfriends text you about needing to try a razor, lol! So I gave it a try, very quickly cancelled my wax membership and haven’t looked back since. This little $9 razor not only gives me NO razor burn or ingrown hairs, it keeps me smooth for 4-5 days. And even then, I have only a mild stubble. With a traditional razor, I could feel stubble almost instantly because the shave was never close enough!

Billie Razor Review | Style Blogger Lauren Meyer shares why she stopped waxing and started shaving with the billie razor!
Billie Razor Review | Style Blogger Lauren Meyer shares why she stopped waxing and started shaving with the billie razor!

The Billie razor is made for and by women. That means it’s designed by gals who know a thing or two about needing to get the closest shave. It also costs a fraction of the price as drugstore razors (did you know women’s razors are typically 10-15% more than mens?!) and is made from quality ingredients. The five blade razor is encased in charcoal shave soap to help the razor glide over your skin (AKA – NO razor burn!). And, it’s made with all natural ingredients – no parabens, sulfates and it’s gluten free! I’ve mentioned before the harmful effects parabens and sulfates can have on the hair on your head. But, I never stopped to think that these could be in my razor leading to further irritation.

Let’s chat about price! I mentioned that the Billie razor is less than your drugstore one – much less. For $9 (+free ship!) you get a razor, mag(net)ic wall holder and two 5-blade cartridges. Once you sign up to receive your razor, you can select how frequently you want replacement blades. Billie will then deliver FOUR blade cartridges for only $9! You can cancel or skip a shipment whenever you want! I mean, ladies, $9 is the price of 1.5 Starbucks’ coffees. And, if it stops razor burn + keeps my skin smooth for 4-5 days, it’s really a no brainer!

Billie Razor Review | Style Blogger Lauren Meyer shares why she stopped waxing and started shaving with the billie razor!
Billie Razor Review | Style Blogger Lauren Meyer shares why she stopped waxing and started shaving with the billie razor!

I also picked up the Billie lotion and shaving cream! The shaving cream is heavily concentrated so you only need a little, and it helps the razor glide over your legs. It’s also very hydrating. You know that feeling when you get out of a shower after shaving and need to take a second bath just in lotion to avoid the alligator skin? Yeah, not gonna happen with the Billie shaving cream. But, in case you live in the North like me, they do have a body lotion that works wonders for our dry skin in these cooler months!

So, once a week (yes once) you can find me shaving with my new BFF, Billie! Here’s to being smooth ladies!


**Thank you Billie for sponsoring today’s post. As always, all opinions are my own!**


Sephora VIB Sale Favorites

Hello Friends! There’s currently a surprise sale happening at Sephora for VIB and VIB Rouge members! If you’re a Beauty Insider who’s spent over $350 in the last calendar year, you’re eligible to shop the sale. Unsure if you’re qualified? Check your status through your Beauty Insider account on their site! If you’re not familiar, Sephora’s Beauty Insider program is their free rewards program, and you can sign up with your email address! They do have a site wide sale for ALL Beauty Insiders twice a year. This sale will likely happen sometime in September-November. I’ll keep you all posted when that one goes live!

Today, I’m rounding up my must haves from the sale. Use code SUMMERSAVE to save site wide! VIBs save 15% and Rouges save 20% until 8/27! Hurry, favorites like the Estee Lauder foundation and T3 products always go fast! PS my dry shampoo I featured in this week’s tutorial is also part of the sale!

**click on the product below to shop it from Sephora!**


Sephora Spring Sale Picks

Happy Friday Friends!! I know I normally do my Instagram round ups on Friday, but there is a HUGE Sephora sale happening that needs immediate attention! The weekly roundup will be up later today or tomorrow!

Twice a year, Sephora holds a site-wide sale for their Beauty Insiders. This is a big deal because they don’t hold site-wide sales any other time of year. I typically stock up on all of my beauty products for the next 6 months during these sales because, let’s be honest, good quality beauty products are expensive! If you’re not already a beauty insider, it’s free to sign up and you instantly gain access to the sale!

Typically, you get 10-20% off site-wide depending on the amount you spend at Sephora in a year. But, I was lucky enough to gain access to all of the sale codes, and I’m sharing them in this post! eeek!! It’s like Christmas!

The sale ends 5/6 and items WILL sell out. Some of my favorites that always go fast are my shampoo and conditioner that I’ve used for years and have also gotten my sister hooked on. We swear it makes our fine/thin hair thicker! My CC cream that I use on my hair before blow-drying. This stuff is life changing – makes my hair hydrated in the winter and not a flat mess in the summer! Also, I’ve had one tube over 2 years! And my foundation, which lasts a full 18 hours!

Also, this is a great time to invest in pricey items like my straightener and curling wand (which comes as a convertible base and wand attachment). These are the top products I would recommend. I’ve rounded up others I own and use regularly below in both makeup and hair categories!

And ICYMI, I did a spring makeup tutorial on stories yesterday – it’s all saved to my Instagram highlights and almost every product included is part of the sale! You can also find every product used linked here!


10% off with code HEYINSIDER

15% off with code HEYVIB

20% off with code HEYROUGE




What to Get at the Sephora Spring VIB Sale

Beauty Blogger Lauren Meyer shares What to Get at the Sephora Spring VIB Sale!

It’s here, it’s here!! The Sephora Spring VIB sale starts TODAY for all VIB Rouges! The sale opens up to all beauty insiders next weekend!

Twice a year, Sephora has a site-wide sale of 10-15% off EVERYTHING. Yes, everything! This only happens twice a year so you don’t want to miss it! I do most of my shopping for the year during these two sales and stock up on everything I need. There’s still time to become a beauty insider. It’s Sephora’s free point program, and you sign up with your email here. You’ll then have access to the sale that opens next weekend!

As you may have guessed, I’m a VIB Rouge (don’t ask how much I spend in a year to get to this level, lol). So, I spent all last night picking my top selections for every category. This way, you’ll have a guide to everything you need for the sale whether you’re shopping it now or next weekend!

I’ve separated everything into categories and selected items that I use on a daily basis and/or are most loved by my readers! For every category, I’m detailing my top 1-2 picks. This was hard to narrow down because I love everything, but I wanted to be sure to keep it easy to navigate for you guys!

Important Dates to Remember:

SEPHORA VIB Rouge ONLY Sale: 4/13/18-4/16/18

SEPHORA VIB SALE for All Levels: 4/20/18-4/23/18

Click on any image in the widgets or collage below to shop the product!

1 (shampoo, conditioner) | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11


Estee Lauder Double Wear: There’s a reason why this foundation has 4.5 stars with 3K reviews and 220K “favorites” on Sephora’s website. It is, hands down, the best foundation I’ve ever used. And that’s saying a lot because I’ve tried the gamut. This foundation lasts me the full 6 months in between sales because you only need a little bit to achieve a full coverage look. This will hide any blemishes or redness you have and give you that flawless appearance! Plus, it lasts 18+ hours, doesn’t clog pores, is oil free and does not oxidize. This means you won’t look orange after wearing it all day. Need I say more? If you get one face product, this foundation should be it! (side note – if you’re looking for a lighter weight version, this one is my go to for days when I just want a little bit of coverage!)

Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Concealer: Believe it or not, a lot of people have multiple concealers. They use one for under-eye and one for blemishes. This concealer can do both for you. It’s extremely creamy so your under-eye won’t look cakey and your blemishes won’t appear dry no matter how much you put on. I fell in love with this one after getting it last Fall and still have some left! Safe to say, this lasts the full 6 months as well!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette: The Modern Renaissance Palette is by far my most used palettes! I’ve had it since Fall 2016 and have only hit pan on one color! It has such a wide array of colors that it’s perfect for anytime of the year! I also love that it has a good mix of shimmer and matte shades so you can do a ton of different looks with it. If you’re looking for a palette that has more brown or warmer tones, this palette from Urban Decay is the one for you (and my 2nd most used palette!). And, if you’re looking to save some money, this is a perfect, budget-friendly option that has good everyday basics!


Sephora Liquid Lipstick: Sephora Collection’s liquid lipstick quality and price cannot be beat. I have a few different shades (05, 06 and 13 are my favorites!), and I’ve worn them for pretty much every occasion and can attest to their longevity! They are only $14, which is a steal when you consider the price of most high-end liquid lipsticks! With both matte and shimmer shades, you’re sure to find something you love!


Sephora Pro Smudge Brush #11: I actually picked up this brush on accident. I thought it was a bit bigger when I ordered it and first intended to use it for eyeshadow (clearly didn’t read the description, oops!). But, that being said, this is actually the most used eye shadow brush in my collection. I use it every time I put on makeup! I smoke out my upper liner with it and apply darker shadow to my under eye to achieve a smoked out liner look there as well. A must have in my opinion!

Sephora Pro Airbrush Concealer #57: If you don’t believe that investing in quality brushes is worth it, think again. I thought the same thing until I picked up this concealer brush (I now have 2 of them!). This is the best brush I have ever used to hide blemishes. And, it consistently receives Allure’s Best of Beauty, so you know it’s good!


Kate Somerville EradiKate Acne Treatment: No less than a miracle in a bottle. I swear! As someone who suffers from adult cystic acne, this product is a LIFE SAVER!! The all caps is totally necessary – lol! But really, this is the only spot treatment product I’ve tried that instantly eradicates acne (see what I did there?). You dip a q-tip through the clear liquid at the top and into the pink sulfur product that settles at the bottom. Then you dab it on your spot and let it dry. I typically do this overnight. It easily cuts down on the life of my blemish by 3-4 days. I’ve even put it all over my nose to shrink my pores! Careful though, it can be very drying so make sure you’re using a good moisturizer (like this one)!


Alterna Shampoo & Conditioner: Like I said in this post, I’m absolutely in love with Alterna’s products. During this sale, I typically buy this shampoo and this condition in their largest containers, and they last me the next 6 months (and I have a LOT of hair). I credit this line for bringing life back to my hair after coloring it a ton in college and for making it feel thicker!

Living Proof Dry Shampoo: One of the questions I get asked most frequently about my hair care routine is which dry shampoo I use. Because we all know I hate washing my hair, so I had to get the best dry shampoo to do the job! I also reviewed this dry shampoo in my haircare post, so you can read more about it here. If you’ve been waiting to grab this, now is the time!

What products are you most excited to try? Happy Friday everyone!



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