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Sanibel Island Travel Guide & Outfit Roundup

Blogger Lauren Meyer of the Lo Meyer Blog Shares a Sanibel Travel Guide & Outfit Roundup

Happy Friday everyone! Anyone celebrating St Pat’s this weekend? I’m hooking up with one of my good friends from college, Jess, tomorrow to celebrate the holiday. Jess and I actually spent St Pat’s together in Galway, Ireland 6 years ago when studying abroad so we’re excited to “relive” the holiday together (with less alcohol involved! lol!).

Since we got back from our Sanibel vacation a week ago, I knew I wanted to do a round-up of all of my outfit posts. These are outfits that are perfect for any beach vacation or spring break you have coming up! I also took an Instagram poll this week to see who would be interested in a Sanibel Travel Guide as well. It looks like the majority of people do want a travel guide so I’ll be incorporating that into this post as well!

Outfit Details:

**A TON of my sandals are from DSW. Be sure to use code LUCKY for 20% off thru 3/18!**

**For any pieces from LOFT use code JACKPOT for 40% off thru 3/18!**

Blogger Lauren Meyer of the Lo Meyer Blog Shares a Sanibel Travel Guide & Outfit Roundup

Top – Sold Out (Similar) | Shorts | Sandals | Watch | Bag | Ring

Blogger Lauren Meyer of the Lo Meyer Blog Shares a Sanibel Travel Guide & Outfit Roundup

BraletteTop | Shorts | Booties – Sold Out (almost identical here!)| Bag

Blogger Lauren Meyer of the Lo Meyer Blog Shares a Sanibel Travel Guide & Outfit Roundup

 ShortsTop | Sandals – Old (Similar Here) | Bag | Head Wrap | Sunnies – Sold Out (similar here!) |Necklace – Sold Out (similar) | Watch

Blogger Lauren Meyer of the Lo Meyer Blog Shares a Sanibel Travel Guide & Outfit Roundup

Top | Shorts | Jacket (similar color here!) | Bag | Sandals | Lipstick

Blogger Lauren Meyer of the Lo Meyer Blog Shares a Sanibel Travel Guide & Outfit Roundup

Top | Shorts | Sandals | Earrings | Head Wrap | Sunnies – Sold Out (similar here!) | Bag

Blogger Lauren Meyer of the Lo Meyer Blog Shares a Sanibel Travel Guide & Outfit Roundup

Swim Cover Up (Petite, Tall, Regular) | Head Wrap | Sunnies – Sold Out (similar here!) | Swimsuit

Blogger Lauren Meyer of the Lo Meyer Blog Shares a Sanibel Travel Guide & Outfit Roundup

Top – Sold Out (Similar, Similar) | Earrings | Bag | Jeans | Cuff | Watch | Head Wrap (used as a hair tie!)

Blogger Lauren Meyer of the Lo Meyer Blog Shares a Sanibel Travel Guide & Outfit Roundup

Swim Top | Swim Bottoms | Hat | Sunnies | Bag |Necklace – Sold Out (similar)

Blogger Lauren Meyer of the Lo Meyer Blog Shares a Sanibel Travel Guide & Outfit Roundup

Dress (regular, petite and tall sizes!) | Shoes | Hat | Sunnies | Bag | Jacket – Sold Out (similar)

Blogger Lauren Meyer of the Lo Meyer Blog Shares a Sanibel Travel Guide & Outfit Roundup

Top – Sold Out (Similar, Similar) | Watch | Cuff | Jeans | Shoes | Bag

Blogger Lauren Meyer of the Lo Meyer Blog Shares a Sanibel Travel Guide & Outfit Roundup

Top | Jeans – Size up for looser fit! (almost sold out, similar here!) | Shoes | Bag | Watch | Cuff

Blogger Lauren Meyer of the Lo Meyer Blog Shares a Sanibel Travel Guide & Outfit Roundup

Somehow didn’t get a good shot of this suit other than this one!

Swimsuit | Necklace – Sold Out (similar) | Head Wrap | Ring | Phone Case (Use Code USSPRING for 20% off!)

Blogger Lauren Meyer of the Lo Meyer Blog Shares a Sanibel Travel Guide & Outfit Roundup

Dress (same one as styled 4 ways in this post!)| Sandals (total designer dupes!)| Bag | Necklace – Sold Out (similar) | Watch | Bracelets

What to Do in Sanibel Island Florida

As previously mentioned, Kev & I traveled to Sanibel for my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary along with my sister and her fam. My parents as well as sister + fam have gone for the last few years, and we were happy to be able to join this time! If there’s one thing I’ll say about Sanibel Island, it’s that it’s a very family oriented travel destination. Most restaurants close by 9PM and the busiest times of day are from 12:00-3:00 PM. However, it’s a place that’s perfect to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There are no traffic lights on the island, it’s not very commercialized and at night you can see ALL of the stars. It truly feels like an escape! Read below for my recommendations on places to Stay, Eat and What to Do!

Where to Stay:

There’s really no bad place to stay in Sanibel because the island is pretty tiny. However, I would suggest staying in Sanibel v. Captiva. Captiva is an island connected by a bridge directly north of Sanibel. It’s even smaller and has less commodities so would make it difficult to stay there more than a few days! Anywhere on W Gulf Drive in Sanibel is the perfect location. You’ll have beach access but can easily access the rest of the island via bike or car! Make sure your hotel has a pool as Sanibel has a shell beach, not a sandy beach. Although you can sit out on the beach in a chair, you likely won’t be laying out on a towel like you would in other areas of Florida!

We stayed at the West Wind Inn, which is a smaller resort with a pool/bar in the center that opens out onto the beach. Every room has a screened in porch, which is perfect for leaving your hotel room door open and having it feel like you’re outside! The pool is heated so even on the cooler days there were still a lot of people in it. The bar at the pool does serve drinks, but they are on the pricier end ($10+), which is to be expected. Even though we weren’t supposed to, we did sneak in our own drinks and food to the pool area so it can be done! 😋 The resort is undergoing renovations so our room was recently updated but still had the coastal charm!

Another perk of the West Wind is that they rent out paddle boards free for 2 hours and bike rentals for 24 hours per room. We actually kept our bikes for 48 hours and were never charged extra! There’s also a restaurant on site in case you want an easy meal. It’s reasonably priced, and I had one of the best burgers there the last night of our stay!

Where to Eat:

If you’re like me and live 1000+ miles from the nearest ocean, you eat ALL the seafood when you’re near the coast! Here are a few of the places we tried and LOVED in Sanibel

Island Cow: I kid you not, we went here 4 times (lol). We may be biased because the place is owned by Wisconsinites. But that aside, they have a crazy huge menu with so many good options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We came twice with the whole fam (including my sister’s little ones who are 7, 4 and 1) and twice on our own. It’s very family friendly but also good for just couples. And, with a front and back patio, as well as yard games like bags, this is just a fun place to hang out during the afternoon! Plus, they serve super good muffins with every meal! However, be prepared to wait. This place is super popular and almost always has a 20-40 minute wait.

The one downside of Island Cow was their tap beer selection. I felt it was pretty limited. They also had a few mixed drinks that were pretty pricy ($12+). But overall would highly recommend this spot!

George & Wendy’s Sanibel Seafood Grille: We went here for dinner one night with the whole fam and had speedy service + super good food! My sister and I both got their Coconut Shrimp (a house speciality), and it was AMAZING! They also have great kid options and non-seafood options as well. We did make a reservation ahead of time; however, it wasn’t too busy when we got there around 7:00 PM.

Il Cielo: If you’re looking for upscale dining on the island – this is it. We went here for a double date with my sister and her husband. They’ve been going for the last 3 years so we knew it was gonna be good! I had the scallops and stole some of my sister’s lobster ravioli. Although their scallops are award-winning, their lobster ravioli was to die for! We also had their calamari appetizer, another award winner of theirs, which was equally amazing! We made reservations ahead of time because this place does get pretty busy! They have options for both outdoor and indoor seating.

Matzaluna: Kevin and I did not go here; however, the rest of my family did. The night they went, Kevin and I had a date night, which I’ll talk about here in a second. However, my mom and sister raved about this place as having amazing Italian food. This was their first time going, and they went on a suggestion from another islander! If you’re looking for a break from your traditional seafood, this seems like a good option!

The Mucky Duck (on Captiva): Kev and I started our date night out here. We did not eat but picked up some beers from their bar and took them to the beach to watch the sunset. A LOT of people do this, but The Mucky Duck has it down to a science! We ordered and were out in 5 minutes tops. My one suggestion is to get there at least an hour before sunset or else you’ll have to park pretty far away! Getting a brew and going to the beach next door is super popular! We saw THE BEST sunset on our vacation from this spot. It was gorgeous!

Bubble Room (on Captiva): This is a very well known restaurant on Captiva. It’s very eclectic. It’s made up of a ton of little separate dining rooms all decorated with memorabilia from old hollywood. Each room and table have a separate theme. We got an appetizer here and drinks. Both were super good! Like I’ve said before, even at home, Kev and I tend to get apps at one restaurant and head to another for dinner so we can hit multiple spots. Bubble Room is perfect for a family dinner because there are so many things for kids to look at and do!

The Mad Hatter: We intended to end our date night here but got to the restaurant around 8:15PM, and they had a 40 minute wait. We really wanted to head back to the room early to eat dessert and binge HGTV together (lol) and decided to head back and just get pizza (from this place). The Mad Hatter has phenomenal reviews but be sure to make a reservation ahead of time!

Here are some other places we ate at or heard were amazing:

Cantina Captiva (such good Mexican food and a great spot in Captiva that wasn’t super packed!)

Bailey’s – Sanibel Coffee Shop

Doc Ford’s

Sanibel Cafe (BEST chicken salad ever!)

Cheeburger Cheeburger

Sunset Grille (Captiva)

What To Do:

Sanibel is definitely a place to go for relaxation! We did a lot of biking around and laying by the pool (no complaints here!). As I said earlier, it’s a shell beach so be prepared to lay by the pool v. on the beach. My sister and I also took several walks because there are SO many trails on the island! Watch out for alligators though! 🙊

Here are some great things to do around the island!

Billy’s Bike Rental (great alternative if your hotel doesn’t rent them out!)

Sanibel Historic Museum and Village

National Shell Museum (great place for kids!)

Day trip to Fort Myers

Visit Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge

Given most of the island closes around 9:00PM, Sanibel is a VERY family friendly travel destination! On our last night there, our waiter mentioned heading to Fort Myers for the night because they have a great night life. If you’re in your 20’s and kid free, definitely plan to head there for a night out!

All in all Sanibel was a great destination for a spring getaway! I think the island is best suited for families with small children because of the times things are open and how many activities there are to do!

So I think that about covers it! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at!


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Best Beauty Products for a Beach Vacation


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Happy Friday everyone!

I hope you all have had an amazing week! We’ve been enjoying our vacay in Sanibel and are so sad that we’re back to snowy MN today. Did you see that we got 5 inches of snow earlier in the week? So sad that we missed out on that fun time – LOL (#sarcasm).

Anyway! I’m keeping this post rather short today because I’m running on about 5 hours of sleep!  I’ve rounded up a ton of the best beauty products for a beach vacation for today’s post. These are products I brought with me or wish I had brought with me on this trip! I’m detailing my top 3 picks below! You can also click on each image in the collage above to be taken to the product’s page or look above and click on the corresponding number to shop! Most of these items are under $40!

  1. Face Sunscreen: One of my first blog posts was dedicated to sunscreen because it is SO IMPORTANT to use on a daily basis but even more so during a beach vacation. This face sunscreen from Neutrogena is perfect for daily wear because it won’t break you out, is relatively non-greasy (as far as sunscreens go), and provides SPF 55. I also tested out this spray sunscreen that works as a makeup setting spray. It does set your makeup nicely; however, I found that it leaves a weird film on top of your skin if used without makeup. I will still repurchase because I haven’t found a sunscreen you can use over foundation/BB cream without messing it up but will be on the lookout for a different brand to test in the future! PS send me your recs if you have any!!
  2. BB Cream: Who wants to wear a full face of makeup while vacationing? Not I! This BB cream from Maybelline is my go-to in the summer and any beach vacay! It leaves a radiant glow to your face and is surprisingly full coverage while also providing SPF 30. I blend it in using my fingers. When I’m tan I use shade medium and when I’m pale I use the light shade. It’s a very neutral tone so works with most skin tones! And, it’s super affordable! There’s also one with benzoyl peroxide for those with sensitive skin. Although I am acne-prone, I have had no issues with the regular SPF one. However, if you use the one with benzoyl in it BE SURE to also use a sunscreen because benzoyl peroxide can make you more susceptible to sun burn!
  3. A Bright Lip Color: I’ve talked A TON on my Instagram stories this week about Sephora’s cream liquid lipstick line. I’ve owned a few lip colors from this line for over two years but kind of forgot about them to be honest. Not sure why I stopped using them because they’re so creamy, not drying, long lasting AND under $15! I’ve been using shade 05 (shimmery light pink) and shade 06 (matte brighter pink) for this trip for a perfect summer lip color!

These are my recommendations for the best beauty products for a beach vacation! I hope you found this post helpful!

Stay tuned for a huge outfit roundup of my Sanibel outfits on Monday!



What I Bought For Our Beach Vacation

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Happy Friday Everyone! I moved some items around this week and ended up having this Friday blog post open! Luckily enough, I just wrapped up a majority of my shopping for our upcoming vacation to Sanibel Island next month. I took an Instagram poll and most of you voted to see what I bought! Here are the products I got and those that I recommend buying for your best Spring vacation! These products are sure to last you well into Summer to get the most out of your buy!

Side note, in my last post, I mentioned that I spend under $200/month on items for the blog. To be honest, it’s usually under $150. This month was obviously an outlier due to an upcoming vacation; however, most of these items I’ll wear into Summer thus saving money in later months. Just so we’re not confused! 😉


I got two new suits for this vacay. Lately, I’ve been really loving one pieces because they provide more coverage from the sun, and feel like more of a fashion statement than bikinis! Skin cancer “runs” in my family in the sense that we’re all naturally fair skinned. The more I can cover up now to avoid that (and early aging) I do! For this vacay, I got two new suits. This $39 one-piece from AdoreMe that actually looks very similar to one by Becca but is 1/4 of the cost. AdoreMe has the cutest swimwear, sleepwear and lingerie for super good prices. I also picked up these high-waisted bottoms (on sale for $19! ) from Old Navy and this bikini top from ASOS.

I’m also including this coverup I purchased from ASOS. It comes in both regular, petite and tall sizes which is awesome! I bought my usual size in petite and it fits perfectly! It’s very flattering on, and I have this idea that I could layer a slip dress underneath it to wear it off the beach…


When buying clothing items for the trip, I wanted to buy pieces I knew I would wear into the Summer. These would be pieces that are beach and streetwear appropriate.

This thermal from Urban Outfitters is one of my favorite purchases! It’s perfect for transition weather and will look super cute with white or denim shorts. I’ll likely layer it over a cami or bralette like this one. But, it would also look great layered over a swimsuit. It comes in 8 colors and is an oversized fit.

I know I will be wearing this cami and this tie top from Free People all summer. I love the “orange coast” color! I’ll layer a bralette underneath since it’s lower cut on the sides. I had a hard time picking a color for both of these so do not be surprised if you see these tops come up in different colors throughout the next 7 months!

This washed black denim skirt from Asos is another favorite purchase. It comes in regular, petite and tall sizes (FYI ASOS frequently has all sizes!). I love the dark wash to it and think it’ll look great worn into Fall as well. I’ll likely style this one with a knotted tee and wedges or flat sandals. Also, in case you haven’t heard of ASOS, I first discovered it while studying abroad. They have great affordable clothing that has a similar quality and style to H&M. They ship worldwide (for free!) and have free returns.

Lastly, I’m really excited to get these white shorts from Vestique in the mail. I got a denim pair similar to these from Vestique last summer and they were, by far, the clothing item I received the most comments on from my followers. Incredibly comfortable and right on budget at $38, I know I’ll wear these white ones constantly this summer! They are a little big in the waist so size down! (I wear an XS and typically wear size 0)


THESE SHOES OH MY GOD!! As I’ve said before,  shoes are really the way to my heart. And these ones are what my dreams are made of. This brand also makes my favorite booties (recognize these?!) so I know they’ll be super comfortable and fit TTS. To be honest, I had a hard time deciding between the blush color and the yellow color. We all know I’m a neutral lover, but there was something about these yellow ones that just called to me so I went out on a limb and got the yellow ones! It’s hard to contain my excitement!

This bag from ShowPo is one of the best dupes I’ve seen. The bamboo bag you see every blogger have starts at $120+ but this little guy is just over $65. If you’re like me, you’re thinking how in the heck a bag like this could be practical. But after reading a few blog posts and stalking a few bloggers who used it (lol, just being honest), I realized it’s actually hard to see the contents inside the bag. Weird, right? Either way, this is the type of bag that just makes you feel chic when you have it. It’s perfect for summer weddings and those days at the beach!


I plan to a do a more thorough post on products for the beach so am just keeping this one short and simple for now! I picked up a bottle of this spray sunscreen which acts like a makeup setting spray and sunscreen at the same time! Genius!


And, if I had endless amounts of money, here is everything else I would buy…


Amazing Sales Going on THIS WEEKEND! 👇

Nordstrom Winter Sale – Up to 40% off!

Express – 40% off everything!

West Elm (homegoods) – 20% off everything with code “HAPPYCART”

Urban Outfitters – 30% off BDG Jeans & 25% off Totes

LOFT – 40% off purchase with code “HAPPY”

Old Navy – Up to 50% off

Forever 21 – Extra 50% off sale with code “EXTRA50”

DSW – 65% off clearance (Great time to stock up on boot/booties for next year!)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



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