September Instagram Round Up Week 2 + Weekend Sales

Happy Sunday from London! Last week we were in NYC and now we’re half way across the world – so wild! ICYMI, I’m currently in London for a girls’ trip with my mom and sister. It’s been 10 years since we did a girls’ trip so we’re LONG overdue! When my sister found out she was working in London for a week, my mom and I decided to make a vacay out of it – haha! Thanks for working for an international firm, Claire! But in all seriousness, I’m so happy to be back in the UK after 7 years. This place will always feel like a second home to me!

If you followed along on stories this week, you know it hasn’t been an easy week for me. Suffice it to say, I hit a wall in every sense of the word. After a busy busy summer, the shingles, moving into our first home and NYC, I was suffering from some serious burn out. And, for quite a while, was denying that I was suffering from said burn out. It takes a lot for me to admit that I need a break, but I’m so happy I took some time off this past week. I may not have done as much as I wanted to do blog/house wise, but I’m heading into this week feeling more myself and clear-headed than I have in weeks.

So many of you reached out to me on Instagram saying you were feeling similar things or had felt similar things in the past. Just know you’re not alone. Instagram and social media in general can make it seem like everyone besides you is living a dream life. Vacations constantly, productivity through the roof, always a new promotion, a busy social life and not a care in the world. But, as an “influencer,” I can tell you that oftentimes, the people who seem to be living those dream lives are suffering too. These people aren’t lying to you, they’re simply “keeping up with the Joneses” – something humans have been doing since the dawn of time. So, don’t let the highlight reel get you down, comparison truly is the thief of joy. Remember what you HAVE in this life and give yourself some grace on those days you’re not 100%. Like Kevin reminded me this week – you can’t be “on point” every day. And know that I’m always thinking of you!

Now to go to something completely unrelated – haha – I’ve linked the outfits below per usual and rounded up the weekend sales. And, because I’m in England – CHEERS!

bodysuit | jeans | blazer | booties | bracelet

tee | jeans | sneakers | hat | bracelet

sweater | jeans | booties | hat | backpack (other styles from Rebecca Minkoff)

pullover | leggings | sneakers | bracelet | sunglasses (other styles by Ray-Ban)| purse

dress | hat | booties | backpack


Studded Booties

Eye Balm

Slip-On Sneakers

Ribbed Top



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