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Trending: How To Wear Victorian Collars

Sweater | Jeans | Boots | Earrings These days it seems like statement everything is in. From earrings to sleeves to collars, if your look is making a statement of any kind, you’re likely on trend. But how do you make a statement trend your own without going overboard? When Victorian Collars crossed from runway to mainstream this year, I…

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Let’s talk about rewardStyle/! If you follow me on the ‘gram, you’ve likely seen me post photos saying “like or screenshot this to shop it on the app!” Some of you may know what this is but others of you may have no idea what I’m talking about. So, let’s clear that up! rewardStyle is an invite only affiliate…

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Perfect Transition Sweaters for Fall under $50

Fall is officially upon us! Well not officially, but it sure feels like it! With temps in the low 60’s here in the upper-Midwest, I’m bringing out all of my transition sweaters and putting them to good use. And I’m using our impending move to Minneapolis as even more of a reason to wear cold weather clothing. I mean, 5…

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Statement Sleeves for Fall & Big Announcements!

So… This post has been a long time coming! I was right when I said August would be an amazing month for Kev & I but didn’t quite anticipate how amazing (or busy) it would be. This month has been an insane emotional roller-coaster followed by days upon days of planning for our next life step. I hope you’ll forgive…

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3 Affordable Summer Outfits you MUST HAVE

What a month it has been you guys! I’ve had exciting news (like getting invited to join rewardStyle) but have also dealt with one of my most debilitating months of migraines. This is the first full week I’ve gone without a migraine in a month, and I finally feel like I’m back to normal. I can already tell that August…

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