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20+ Facts about Me for My 27th Birthday

Turtleneck Body Suit (black) – grey, red, white | Flare Jeans – black | Booties (black) – tan Sweater Coat (orange) – grey | Purse In honor of my 27th birthday yesterday, I decided to share 20+ random facts about me! I tried to share different info from that already on my about me page so I hope you find…

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Gift Guide: For the Fashionista

Anyone else feeling rather stressed out about the holidays that haven’t even started yet?! This time of year always stresses me out. And I would understand that if I had, say 5 kids and like 10 grandchildren, but considering it’s just me, Kevin and the cats and I’m not sure if I really have an excuse. I always feels like…

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Trend Alert: The Chenille Sweater You Need In Your Closet!

Sweater | Jeans | Booties | Bag Happy Monday Everyone! Is it me, or is November just flying by? I swear it was Halloween yesterday and now it feels like Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Where is time going?! I’d like it if time could slow down through the holidays, but if it wants to go this quickly for the bleak months of…


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Anti-Aging Skin Care: Saranghae’s 5 Step Routine

Happy Friday Everyone! I’m pretty excited to bring you my review of Saranghae’s 5 step routine today! Saranghae is an award-winning Korean Anti-Aging Skin Care company that sells products around the world.  As I mentioned in this post, I’m pretty set on my skin care regime. But since starting Saranghae’s 5 step routine a few weeks back, I haven’t even…

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My Favorite Boots Under $100

Pssst! Click on each image above to check out the product!  So, I did not intend to write a post about my favorite boots today. In fact, I had an entirely different post already completed but life got in the way. I’m gonna go ahead and blame it on the time change. If you didn’t already know, Kevin takes all…

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