My Favorite Boots Under $100

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So, I did not intend to write a post about my favorite boots today. In fact, I had an entirely different post already completed but life got in the way. I’m gonna go ahead and blame it on the time change. If you didn’t already know, Kevin takes all of my blog photos, and I love that! It allows us to spend extra time together while I’m working. We went out this past Sunday to take our usual photos. We typically go out mid-morning or before sunset to hit those golden hours of lighting where the sun isn’t too harsh. Under estimating the severity of the time change, we went out WAY too late and only got one outfit in before the photo quality dropped dramatically. The outfit he photographed for today was ridiculously blurry. So we’ll try again this weekend (lesson learned). Instead I’m bringing out a post about shoes! And I’m not gonna lie, I am pretty excited to bring you my favorite boots under $100 today…

Out of everything, I credit my love for shoes as sparking my love for fashion and beauty in general. I have a vivid memory of this one pair of red leather kitten heels my mom had from the 80’s (maybe earlier) that I would always want to wear. If you know my mom, you know she’s not very into fashion, at least not the way my sister and I am. So thinking back on it, I’m pretty impressed she had such a daring pair of heels! I credit my obsession with shoes to those red heels and the influence of my dad’s sisters who themselves are shoe-aholics. LOL! And, based on feedback I get from you all, I know I’m not alone in my love for shoes. So, I bring you 9 of my favorite boots under $100! But, act fast! Some of these are only on sale for a little while longer!!


In my opinion, every woman should have at least three booties in her closet – a neutral open-toe pair and then two closed-toe pairs (black and tan/grey). Of course, if you’re lucky enough to live in a warmer climate, you can always have more open-toe pairs. I just prefer to not get frost-bite so opt for closed-toe more often! 😋

  1. Tan Bootie: If you pay attention to my shoes, you likely noticed that I wear these booties more often than not. I linked this year’s version as mine are from last year. This pair is SO comfy and so versatile, I wear them with literally everything – leggings, dresses, jeans. You can pair them with anything! This style as well as this one are both great options for similar, everyday booties.
  2. Black Bootie: A good pair of black booties is also an essential. In my opinion, black booties give a certain edge to an outfit and also elevate your style. If you’re only wearing leggings and an oversized sweater, black booties instantly make the look chicer. I recently ordered these, and they’re set to arrive today. I wore my older pair of Steve Madden booties into the ground (literally was coloring in the scuffed toe with sharpie LOL). So I was overdue for a new pair.
  3. Open-Toe/Peep-Toe Bootie: An open-toe option is essential for summer and transition seasons. This style is extremely versatile. And, I love that wearing this style is more comfortable than just wearing heels but is still on the dressier side. I wear my open-toes quite often and have linked a similar style since mine are sold out! I almost like these ones more with the cut-out detail! As far as transition shoes go, this pair of Toms and these Vince Camuto’s would also be great choices! Both are currently on sale for less than $100!
  4. Sock Bootie: If you’re looking to be extremely on-trend, a sock bootie is a must. This bootie comes in every fabric imaginable including patent leather, velvet and satin. I was a click away from purchasing these in lieu of these ones I got. The only reason I didn’t is because, in my area of the country, our roads and sidewalks are slush for half the year, and I didn’t want to ruin the fabric! These are a less expensive version of the sock bootie!
  5. Combat Boot: Another very on trend, but more practical style this year is the combat boot. Back in 2012, I purchased my first heeled combat boot and fell in love. I wore them all over campus and if you know how big UW-Madison’s campus is, you’ll understand this was no small feat (my moto = fashion over practicality). When combat boots started trending this year, I knew I wanted a pair since I loved my old ones that had gotten so much use. I found these ones that I believe are a more feminine take on the combat boot.
  6. Leopard Print Bootie: If there’s one bootie trend that’s everywhere this Fall, it’s the leopard bootie. I’m having a hard time justifying not buying these, but have been able to hold off so far. This may be because I purchased these leopard heels not too long ago. Leopard is becoming a new neutral so feel free to mix it with other patterns. It’s also a classic pattern that will be back year after year. You an also find these exact booties here in more sizes!
Tall Boots

Tall Boots are essential for cooler weather. They’re both practical and fashionable, which isn’t something I can say for all of my footwear! This year knee-high and over-the-knee boots are reigning supreme, and I’ve rounded up a few of my current favorites! You can see me wearing these on repeat for the next 5 months.

  1. Sam Edelman Tall Boots: These are a great under $100 alternative to the tall camel boots I wear all the time. My boots are actually sold out, but these are almost identical and made by the same designer. What I love about this particular pair is that they’re both a classic color and very versatile. They’re just tall enough to wear with a dress/skirt during the day without looking over-dressed but could also be worn for a night out. The heel isn’t too high either. I’ve definitely walked around my neighborhood in mine without issue. This pair is very similar and slightly over $100, BUT I love their fringe detail so had to share!
  2. Grey Over-The-Knee Boots: Over-the-knee boots are easier to style than you would expect. I wear this grey pair with SO many different types of outfits. From dresses, to leggings and jeans, you can wear them with pretty much anything. Don’t feel like just because the boot goes over-the-knee, your look has to be dressy. Wearing this boot with a casual outfit will make it chicer and will elevate your style! This grey color is unique and neutral enough to wear with most anything.
  3. Black Over-The-Knee Boots: Say hello to my most recent shoe-obsession. These boots are currently on sale for UNDER $70. YES, I know! I can’t even express my love for these boots! They’re extremely comfy with a shorter heel, which allows for longer wear. They are tighter fitting even on slimmer legs so they don’t fall down easily. However, I don’t find their tight fit too restricting. I’m still able to move easily! They’re a lovely suede material, which makes them look much more expensive than they are.

So which ones are you going with? I own a majority of these, paid for with my own money, and cannot recommend them enough! Again, remember some of these (#s 4, 6, & 9) are currently on sale through 11/12 so act fast!! They’ll still be available after, but may be over $100. Although, I’m always a firm believer that spending more on shoes and bags is OK since you’re guaranteed to wear them over multiple seasons. 😉

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I hope everyone has had a great week so far!! I’m currently hermiting in doors as much as possible since we’re having one of the coldest starts to November in years (or so the news says)! Kevin and I go to the DMV to change our licenses over to MN tomorrow, and I’m kind of nervous. Did you know that in the state of MN, you have to take a written exam to get a license? Yes, even if you took the exam when you were 16! I shouldn’t be nervous since I had to know all of the driver’s statutes in MN for my corporate job but I’m still nervous, not gonna lie! Wish us luck!!



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