How to Give the Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts Under $100

Lifestyle Blogger Lauren Meyer of the Lo Meyer Blog shares How To Give The Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts Under $100

Happy Friday everyone!!

I think it’s safe to say I am SO HAPPY this week is done. It all started out so normal – Kevin traveling, me hangin’ with the boys 🐱 and looking forward to a Rebecca Minkoff preview event Thursday and the festivities this weekend. And then, my shower decided to revolt and literally backup everyone and their brother’s dirty bathwater into my tub last night. I’ll try to spare you the disgusting details, but there was water coming from places it shouldn’t, in a color it shouldn’t be, at a rate it shouldn’t. I ended up having to literally pail water out of the tub and into my recycling bin to keep it from overflowing. And then when it looked like it would overflow there, I had to start dumping it in the sink and toilet. WHAT A MESS!! Luckily, emergency maintenance came by and fixed it. Just in time for me to make it to the event and have one of my false eyelashes almost fall off – lol! 😂

Needless to say, I’m ready for happy hour tonight! Especially since I spent the majority of today bleaching my bathroom. Over the years, Kev & I have had a lot of crazy apartment experiences. But this one may even top the time Frank brought a live mouse into our bedroom as a “gift” back in our first apartment in 2013. LOL.

Moving on to happier things! Today’s post is the second in my wedding series. If you missed the first on what to wear to a wedding, you can find it here or locate it on the top bar! When we were planning for our wedding, I remember being so stumped on what to get my bridesmaids. I wanted to avoid the cliche and really get them something special. And, like so many other couples, we didn’t have a lot of extra cash to spend. So, I’ve rounded up a ton of bridesmaid gifts under $100! Most of these you can pair together to create a gift set unique for each of your girls.

Something important to remember is that your bridesmaids spend a lot of time and money on your wedding. You want to thank them in a way that’s meaningful! Besides buying a dress, every bridesmaid in my wedding had to travel and spend money on accommodations. 3 had to fly from out of state and rent a car. Not to mention the cost of the shower and bachelorette party! $100 may seem like a lot, but they’re likely spending a lot more than that on your day. Try to keep it in perspective and go above and beyond for your best girls!

Also, another idea, I ended up getting my bridesmaids two different gifts. Kev & I got engaged July 2015 and married May 2016. So over the holidays, I gave them a holiday care package. Then on the wedding day, I gave them another set of gifts. I absolutely love gift giving and, like I said, I felt they had done so much for me so wanted to do something special in return to let them know I was thinking of them throughout the entire process. Each set was around $50-80 per bridesmaid.

There are a ton of cute ideas in the collage below. These range from “bridesmaid” branded products to ones they can use after the wedding! I also went ahead, like usual, and detailed my top few gifts based on feedback I’ve gotten from other women!

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A Nice Piece of Jewelry: Hands down, the most loved gift I gave my bridesmaid was this coordinate necklace I got from Etsy. I engraved it with the place I met each bridesmaid or where we got close. For two, I used the location of the college library we spent so many nights together that turned into way too many early mornings at our favorite bars! For another, I used the location of my college dorm, which we both basically lived in even though she lived in another one across campus! I even picked up one for myself with our wedding venue location so I’d always have it.

Giving a gift like this is very personal and is also practical. It’s a classic style of necklace that can be worn year over year, and the quality is amazing for the price!

I also really love this bracelet from Nordstrom. You can’t engrave it, but it would be perfect for a bridesmaid as is!

A Memory: I was out to dinner with a girlfriend recently, and she mentioned that a wedding she had been at had a ton of polaroid cameras everywhere for people to take photos. The couple also brought one along on their honeymoon and thought it was a fun way to create memories! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen the Instax Mini 9 somewhere. It’s actually under $60 and would be the perfect gift for your bridesmaids. They could document the wedding weekend from their point of view and then use it in their own lives for years after!

A Bag: This tote from Nordstrom is SO cute and such a good price (only $49!). I may actually need one myself lol! It’s a style and size that’s perfect for work or travel so she’s sure to get a lot of use out of it. Plus, it’s a color that’s great for year round wear. It does also come in a pink color if interested!

Beauty Products: Have you ever checked out the gift section at Sephora? They have a ton of pre-made boxes at different price points! You can mix and match sets or pull out the products and divide them up among your bridesmaids. I recently picked up this set of three lipsticks (also featured in this post) and am loving all of them! This would be the perfect set for any bridesmaid! Also, brides, the color Patina in the set would be perfect for your Big Day if you’re looking for a rosy pink color (full size here)! You can also add other products to their beauty gift bag like a sheet mask or this bronzer, blush and highlight palette. And, give the gift in a super cute cosmetics bag like this one!

I absolutely loved making my own gifts by mixing and matching a few of the items above. Get creative and make each gift unique! Don’t forget to grab some cute wrapping paper, gift bags and tissue paper from Amazon or Target too!

Just an FYI – I am skipping Monday’s post next week because I’ll be doing some site updates that I hope you’ll love! I’ll be working with my team early next week to get those done. In the mean time, be sure to check out this past Monday’s post on Mother’s Day Gifts (still time to get them with expedited shipping or if you’re not seeing your mom ’till later like me!). And don’t forget that I post to Instagram 1-2 times a day and post shoppable outfits to my 1-3 times a day, so you can always find me there.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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