How To Get Flawless Complexion with INSTYTUTUM High-Performance Skincare

Beauty Blogger Lo Meyer discusses How to Get Your Best Complexion Using Instytutum | Instytutum Review Beauty Blogger Lo Meyer discusses How to Get Your Best Complexion Using Instytutum | Instytutum Review Beauty Blogger Lo Meyer discusses How to Get Your Best Complexion Using Instytutum | Instytutum Review

You could probably tell from my last post, but I’m somewhat into anti-aging. And by somewhat, I mean obsessed (even my hair products are anti-aging!). If there’s a new anti-aging product out there, I’ll be the first one to try it. So when Instytutum approached me about trying some of their products, it was a really a no-brainer. Of course, I was going to try them!

Developed by Natalia Derkach, M.D., and created in a Swiss lab with scientists who have more than 30 years of experience in the skincare industry, Instytutum is a breakout anti-aging skincare company. They strive to create a flawless complexion, free of impurities and signs of anti-aging, while maintaining a high-level of quality ingredients. Their products even undergo third-party clinical testing, so you know they’re good!

For the last few weeks, I’ve been using their Ultimate Transforming Cleanser, Anti-Wrinkle Brightening Serum, Anti-Wrinkle Firming Day Cream, Anti-Wrinkle Brightening Eye Cream and Flawless Pads. I’m detailing my experience with each as well as my product recommendations below! And, at the end, there will be a coupon code so you can snag some of these amazing products at a discounted price! 😍

Beauty Blogger Lo Meyer discusses How to Get Your Best Complexion Using Instytutum | Instytutum Review

Ultimate Transforming Cleanser  + Anti-Wrinkle Brightening Serum

These two go hand in hand for me. The Ultimate Transforming Cleanser is a very gentle cleanser you use day and night. It has a creamy texture and leaves your skin feeling silky-soft. You apply it on dry skin and rinse with warm water.

Follow it up immediately with the Anti-Wrinkle Brightening Serum. Serums are my new favorite in anti-aging skincare. Instytutum’s Anti-Wrinkle Brightening Serum is infused with vitamins B3 and C as well as collagen-stimulating peptides and patented stem cells. This Anti-Wrinkle Brightening Serum will, quite literally, regenerate your complexion leaving it brighter and younger looking. After the first time using it, I noticed the red spots I had on either side of my nose as well as the dark spots from my acne were far less noticeable!

Beauty Blogger Lo Meyer discusses How to Get Your Best Complexion Using Instytutum | Instytutum Review

Anti-Wrinkle Firming Day Cream + Anti-Wrinkle Brightening Eye Cream

These two were exactly what my Winter skin needed. Before starting this line, my skin was really showing the wear of Winter. Even my eye-lids were dry. But, within 2 times of using the Day and Eye creams, my dry spots completely disappeared!

The Anti-Wrinkle Firming Day Cream is definitely a thicker moisturizer than most. However, this was one of the reasons I loved it. A little goes a long way, which means you get a lot out of one pot. It also comes with a little plastic spoon so you don’t have to worry about contaminating the moisturizer with germs from your finger-tips. I use the Anti-Wrinkle Firming Day Cream immediately after the Anti-Wrinkle Brightening Serum.

After using the Anti-Wrinkle Brightening Eye Cream for a few weeks, my under-eyes are brighter. My eyelids look the right color again and are no longer red and angry from all the dry weather! After applying the Anti-Wrinkle Firming Day Cream, I apply this directly to my under-eyes and lids.

Beauty Blogger Lo Meyer discusses How to Get Your Best Complexion Using Instytutum | Instytutum Review

Flawless Pads

So, I’ll be honest, I did experience a “purging” period with this line. We’ve discussed before that when you start a new anti-aging line, it’s very typical to break out for a week or two. Especially, if you have sensitive skin like me! Although it inherently seems like a bad thing, breaking out from anti-aging skincare is a good thing. It means your skin cells are rapidly detoxifying and regenerating.

These Flawless Pads really came in handy during this purging period and would be perfect for anyone who regularly suffers from even the most minor of acne. They contain a small amount of salicylic acid, a known acne-fighting ingredient. But, unlike other acne-fighting products, these pads go a step further. They include a number of other beneficial acids like glycolic acid, lactic acid and citric acid. Together they not only fight-acne but exfoliate skin, clear pores and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Any product that can fight acne while also providing anti-aging benefits is likely to stay in my beauty regimen for a LONG time!

I use the Flawless Pads once a day before the Anti-Wrinkle Brightening Serum because, like I said, I already deal with dry skin this time of year and the acids in the pads can be very drying. Using these once a day, I haven’t had any issues. If you’re on the oilier side, you can probably use these the recommended two-times a day!

Beauty Blogger Lo Meyer discusses How to Get Your Best Complexion Using Instytutum | Instytutum Review

I was very impressed by the quality and effectiveness of all of these products! I especially loved the Serum and Flawless Pads. But, as with any anti-aging routine, it really is about using everything in conjunction. Together, these products produced amazing results for my skin, and I’m sure they’ll do the same for you! I highly recommend checking out Instytutum’s site for more information and to shop all of their products. They have so many more amazing products I can’t wait to try! I have my eye on their new Supplement that just came out. Anti-aging in a pill? Sounds too good not to try!

A word on the price, like I mentioned in Wednesday’s post on haircare, investing in quality beauty products is something you should always do. And this is coming from a woman who is married to the world’s most frugal man. These products are top of the line with ingredients that will only be beneficial to your skin. There are a lot of inexpensive products out there that contain detergents and ingredients that actually do more harm than good.  Plus, after using the products for a few weeks, I have a lot left so these will last you a long time even with twice-daily use! And, when you use coupon code “Lo20” you get 20% off your order through the end of March! It’s a win-win 🙂

What’s your favorite step in your skincare routine? What product are you most excited about trying? Let me know!


**Thank you to Instytutum for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own. For more information on sponsored posts, please read my disclosures.**

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