Father’s Day Gifts Under $100

Popular Minneapolis Lifestyle Blogger Lauren Meyer of The Lo Meyer Blog Shares Father's Day Gifts Under $100

It’s Friday!!

I hope you all have a fun weekend planned! Kev & I are getting ready to head out of town to go camping for the weekend (hopefully I survive, lol!). We both actually love to go camping, Kevin more so than me. But, I do have fond memories of camping with my family when I was young, so it’s always fun to go back out. We’ve got the tent packed, the best IPAs we could find and our air mattress. Fingers crossed Frank didn’t scratch any holes in it this time! lol!

Today, I’m sharing a few ideas for Father’s day gifts under $100 since the holiday is literally right around the corner! A ton of these have Prime Shipping or Free shipping/returns and will arrive before the holiday. I’m sharing two of my top picks for gifts below and have rounded up a ton of others!

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Beer Lovers Gift Pack

Maybe it’s because I’m from Wisconsin (the drunkest state in the Union), but I know more than a few Dads who would love a Beer Gift Pack. If your Dad is the more refined type, consider buying this beer carrier from Nordstrom or this decanter set from Crate & Barrel. Or, if your dad is game day or outdoors type, consider picking up this Coleman Cooler from Amazon. We got one of these for our wedding and use it constantly!  Pair either with a custom pilsner glass just for him and a wall bottle opener.

Amazon Kindle Fire

A Kindle Fire is actually a great gift for anyone. Surprisingly affordable and super useful, a Kindle Fire is a perfect gift for Dad! My sister and I got one for my Mom a few Christmases ago, and she uses it on all of their trips. It’s perfect for email, social media, catching up on the news and reading. I personally use mine every night before going to bed.  For only $50, you can’t beat the price for what you get! And, if you’re looking spend a little more, the Kindle 8 is HD and is $79.99.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

I’ll be updating my stories regularly so make sure to stay tuned! You may also get a glimpse of the overalls featured in my last post. & Wish me luck warding off the ticks and mosquitos 😋



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