Coffee Chat: Goal Setting for 2020

It’s FriYAY – which for this week means blizzard prep and a warm cup of ‘jo. Or in this case, a lavender latte courtesy of Copper Cow Coffee. Now that I’ve fully recovered from my bout of headaches/migraines, I wanted to sit down and chat 2020 with you guys! We’re officially just over two weeks in and now that the holiday/back to school madness has mostly calmed down, it’s the perfect time to set those goals for the year.

New Year’s goals or resolutions seems so cliché right? They’re all over the morning talk shows come Jan. 1st, everyone’s so motivated but by February no one can quite remember what their New Year’s resolutions were in the first place. BUT this year I challenge you to do something different.

When it comes to the New Year, I prefer to set goals over resolutions. Resolutions are a strict black/white, yes/no way of looking at things. Whereas goals give you something to work toward. And, having goals is super important to our mental health. It keeps us motivated and gives us purpose. But choosing the right goal and the path to get there is key! I’m breaking down my three steps to goal setting below to make it as easy as possible for all of you!

1. Reflection:

This is a SUPER important first step that can’t be ignored. How can you know where you want to go if you don’t know where you’re coming from? Take 20 minutes and a blank sheet of paper and WRITE (physically, don’t type!) anything and everything about 2019. Just do a big mind dump of everything you did, saw, accomplished and experienced. Then when the time is up, take 10 minutes to look back on your year and make a few notes about what you want to do differently or keep the same for 2020.

2. Set an Achievable Goal

I am the queen of setting unachievable goals, which then means that only a superhuman would be able to achieve them. This year, I am committing myself to setting BIG goals I know I can reasonably achieve. After looking at my mind dump from 2019, I realized I wanted to spend more time in making our new house a HOME. It’s been 5 months and we still barely have the thing decorated – lol. Luckily Kevin has the same goal! So, one of our 2020 goals is to work on finishing the house!

3. Plan!

Probably my favorite step because it involves planning – haha! This is where you break down your goal into the smallest steps possible. This takes the thinking out of it and makes everything streamlined for you.

For example, Kevin and I would like to have our house fully “done” by the end of 2020. This includes decorating/furnishing multiple rooms, re-doing the bathroom, refinishing the kitchen cabinets, redoing all of the landscaping in the backyard etc. AKA LOTS TO DO. If you look at that list, it’s instantly overwhelming. So we had to break it down. We,

  1. Created a master list of all of our projects we want to do
  2. Created a budget to ensure we could do all our projects
  3. Prioritized projects to do first
  4. Pulled up a calendar and scheduled ALL of our projects through 2020 so that we have about 1-2 a month.
  5. Compile a list of supplies needed for our first project in Feb: Finish/Furnish Front Bedroom
  6. Break down a schedule for the first project (you get the gist)

This is very simple example of how we broke down one of our goals for 2020. I did similar steps with my professional and personal goals too! Oftentimes, big goals (like finishing an entire house ahhh) can seem SO daunting. But after you break them down, they don’t seem so scary!

I hope this helps you guys find and lock down your goals for this New Year!! Things are always slower at the start of the year, so now is the perfect time to cozy up, reflect and take time for YOU! And, personally, there’s nothing better then sitting down for some me-time with a good cup of coffee. I’ve been loving these lavender lattes from Copper Cow Coffee lately – omg! Copper Cow Coffee is a sustainably sourced, eco-friendly, women-owned company (heck yeah!). Their coffees and teas are all Vietnamese pour overs so they require NO coffee pot – just hot water. Each pack comes with a filter and cream, which makes them very easy to make (and portable!).

I think these would be absolutely perfect for the coffee lover, travelers, college students or as a gift. If you’re in need of a cute and easy Valentine’s gift, look no further! And, I already KNOW these are coming camping with us next summer. This is the kind that I’m drinking, but they also have a few good gift sets like this one and this one! Oh, and they have DECAF and their churro flavor is also amazing!


**Thank you to Copper Cow Coffee for sponsoring today’s post. As always, all opinions are my own**


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