The Best Bodysuits for New Year’s Eve


Fashion blogger Lauren Meyer of the Lo Meyer Blog | Life With Lo discusses the Best Bodysuits for New Year's Eve

Shoes | Velvet Bodysuit (sold out – similar, similar) | Mesh Bodysuit (sold out – similar, similar)| Perfume – my all time fave!)| Bag – 50% off! | Bracelet | Champagne Flutes | Skirt (sold out – similar)

I know New Year’s Eve is typically a time for sequins and sparkles, but I’m gonna make an argument for practicality this year. Me? Practical? Well… sort of 😏

After I failed to wear my sparkly, mesh NYE dress from last year a second time, I decided to make changes. As much as I love wearing sparkles and sequins, besides the holidays and maybe a birthday, there’s not really another time of year to wear them. This makes buying a sparkly dress for the holidays pretty impractical. Especially considering the sparkly dress you bought last year likely has an updated silhouette to fit this year’s fashions. So, this year, I decided to go with an outfit that was distinctly NYE but could also be worn other times of the year. What a novel idea!

As I mentioned in a recent post, I have a love affair with bodysuits. They are especially good for going out in. Not only do they provide that easy, tucked in look. They’re extremely versatile, and you can dress them up or down. Before I really started wearing them, I thought all bodysuits were the skin-tight type. But, that’s not the case. There are plenty of bodysuits that provide a looser top and have a bikini bottom so you can still achieve that effortlessly chic look without worrying about tucking in all that fabric. And, in case you were wondering, bodysuits always have a few buttons “down there” so you don’t have to take the whole thing off to use the restroom.

The outfit photo above is likely what I’ll wear on NYE. I’m currently deciding between the velvet bodysuit or the mesh one. Because of Express’s insane sale that’s STILL going on, the velvet one is sold out, but this one is an almost exact match. I wore the mesh body suit to the Katy Perry concert. Given it’s mesh, you will need to wear a bandeau underneath (or don’t, your choice! 😜). This exact one is sold out but this one as well as this one are pretty much identical. And, it may be better that the one above is sold out because it actually stained my skin blue. I KID YOU NOT. The one pictured was super inexpensive, and I didn’t wash it before wearing, which is likely what caused the staining. But, it did look great on, and I felt very chic while wearing it. So I’m recommending some better quality ones because I think a mesh bodysuit is perfect for a night out and can be worn in warmer weather too!

Both of these bodysuits and any below would look great with a faux leather skirt or jeans. I would even pair these with faux leather leggings for an ultra chic, yet comfy NYE look. Paired with over-the-knee boots or your fave pair of heels and you have a great NYE outfit! Also, don’t forget your faux fur if you live in a cold weather area!

And let me just make a side comment here – I’m upset that in the span of time I got the bodysuits and skirt all three sold out! It is that time of year for crazy shopping and sales, but, still aggravating! I hope my replacements are acceptable for you all!!

Below, you’ll find the best bodysuits for New Year’s Eve! I’ve even included some sequined ones for those of you who just can’t help yourselves!


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