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Victorian Collars, Victorian Collar, SugarFix, Statement Collars, Statement Earrings, BaubleBar, Fall 2017 Trends, Fall Fashion, Fall Fashion Trends, RufflesVictorian Collars, Victorian Collar, SugarFix, Statement Collars, Statement Earrings, BaubleBar, Fall 2017 Trends, Fall Fashion, Fall Fashion Trends, RufflesVictorian Collars, Victorian Collar, SugarFix, Statement Collars, Statement Earrings, BaubleBar, Fall 2017 Trends, Fall Fashion, Fall Fashion Trends, Ruffles

Sweater | Jeans | Boots | Earrings

These days it seems like statement everything is in. From earrings to sleeves to collars, if your look is making a statement of any kind, you’re likely on trend. But how do you make a statement trend your own without going overboard? When Victorian Collars crossed from runway to mainstream this year, I wasn’t sure how to pull it off. It just seemed so high fashion, I figured no ordinary woman would be able to swing it. You know what I mean? But I was wrong! Victorian Collars have evolved into an every-woman trend that incorporates two of my other favorite things – lace and ruffles.

This lightweight sweater from Target’s A New Day collection allows you to achieve that Victorian look while also being a great top for everyday wear. Even better, it comes in at an affordable price being right under $25. It’s available in two colors – pink and grey – and although I opted for the grey top (go figure, I seem incapable of buying anything but neutrals in colder weather) remember that pink is also a trending color this season. Although it may seem to go against nature, you can and should rock the color pink throughout the fall/winter seasons. The material of this top makes it great for our current transition weather and could be paired with cropped jeans, a skirt or with skinnies and booties as I did. Try tucking in the sweater or doing a half-tuck with the front to make any outfit instantly chicer.

Victorian Collars, Victorian Collar, SugarFix, Statement Collars, Statement Earrings, BaubleBar, Fall 2017 Trends, Fall Fashion, Fall Fashion Trends, RufflesVictorian Collars, Victorian Collar, SugarFix, Statement Collars, Statement Earrings, BaubleBar, Fall 2017 Trends, Fall Fashion, Fall Fashion Trends, Ruffles

Finally, while you’re at Target picking up this top, make sure to check out SugarFix’s line of jewelry. For this outfit, I’m wearing their statement earrings in black, which are a great wardrobe staple for colder weather. SugarFix is owned by Baublebar so has similar styles to Baublebar, but everything is always under $30. I own several other pieces of their jewelry and can attest to their quality (just don’t let your cat get them like Frank did – *eye roll*).

Kev & I spent the weekend visiting with my parents who were in town and went to a local orchard on Sunday. We had no idea how big apple picking was until we moved up here. Did you guys know the Honeycrisp was invented in Minnesota? I’m obsessed with Honeycrisp although could do without the hefty price tag. Kevin calls them the “Cadillac” of apples. LOL. 😂 In other news, we are finally done, DONE with unpacking! I couldn’t be happier because I feel like we’re finally out of the limbo and back to our (new) normal. This week we’re picking up a floor mirror for our master since ours broke in the move, and I may venture to the motherland (AKA Mall of America).

What’s on your plate for the week? I hope you’ve had a happy and productive start to your week!



This post was done in collaboration with SugarFix but all opinions are 100% my own. Explained

rust colored sweater, fall sweater, over the knee boots, OTK boots, fall style, velvet, velvet purse, like to know it, LTK itrust colored sweater, fall sweater, over the knee boots, OTK boots, fall style, velvet, velvet purse, like to know it, LTKit

Let’s talk about rewardStyle/! If you follow me on the ‘gram, you’ve likely seen me post photos saying “like or screenshot this to shop it on the app!” Some of you may know what this is but others of you may have no idea what I’m talking about. So, let’s clear that up!

rewardStyle is an invite only affiliate network for bloggers that makes blog and/or social media posts shoppable to anyone through a platform called A blogger can link her outfit details through a photo on social media so you can instantly access and shop anything she’s wearing. Similarly, when you click on a link in a blog post, it will send you to the product’s site.

Before becoming a blogger, was one of the most fun things to me about scrolling through my Instagram feed. Even if I don’t purchase something, online “window shopping” is one of my favorite things to do (true shopping addict). I would regularly like my favorite bloggers’ photos just to see where they shopped and, more often than not, would find myself purchasing some of their more versatile items because, why not?! It was too easy.

rust colored sweater, fall sweater, over the knee boots, OTK boots, fall style, velvet, velvet purse, like to know it, LTKit

Sweater – Old (Similar, Similar) | Pants | Boots | Velvet Bag | Earrings

If you’ve been wondering where you can buy what I’m wearing, wonder no longer! It’s really as simple as the instructions below.

  1. Sign up HERE (takes literally a minute) or download the app from the app store (iPhones only)
  2. Get my outfit details:
    1. On Instagram by
      • “liking” my post when you see the #liketkit hashtag in the caption (or the heart in the lower righthand corner like the photo directly above). This will send the outfit details to your email or app within 5 minutes
      • Take a “screenshot ” of my post from Instagram and within 10 seconds you’ll have my outfit details in the app! (Don’t worry, you can delete the screenshot later without losing the details in the app!)
      • Enter the hyperlink in the caption of the photo into your browser
    2. Within a blog post –
      • Click on a link about any products (like the ones below the image in this post) to be redirected to the product’s page
      • Edit: Almost forgot this one! You can also click on the product images in a shoppable widget like the one below and be redirected to the product’s page
  3. Shop away!


Here’s the link to my page so you can get an idea of how the shoppable photos look once you enter the app or put the hyperlink into the browser!

Here’s another great article to give you background on where this platform came from.

In personal news, after a very busy month packing and moving, Kev and I are officially moved in to our Minneapolis apartment! We love it here so far! It’s weird being back in a big city as I haven’t lived in one since I studied abroad in the UK, but I’m loving it so far. The amenities alone make it worth it. We’re almost done unpacking and once we have everything put away I’ll be doing a mini-apartment tour on my insta-stories so stay tuned! 😀

Have questions about using the app? Give me a shout, let’s talk!

Have a great weekend everyone!



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rust colored sweater, fall sweater, over the knee boots, OTK boots, fall style, velvet, velvet purse, like to know it, LTKit


Perfect Transition Sweaters for Fall under $50

Fall is officially upon us! Well not officially, but it sure feels like it! With temps in the low 60’s here in the upper-Midwest, I’m bringing out all of my transition sweaters and putting them to good use. And I’m using our impending move to Minneapolis as even more of a reason to wear cold weather clothing. I mean, 5 hours further north might as well be in the arctic, right?! Right.

Speaking of the move, Kevin and I have *officially* landed our apartment in Uptown (a neighborhood in Minneapolis). We’re set to move in the next two weeks. This means lots of packing for me as Kevin is already working up in the cities, and I’m the only one here to pack. Although my day-to-day schedule will not be like this permanently, I have enjoyed being able to wake up and dictate what I do for the day. I spend a majority of my mornings and early afternoon doing blog/fashion industry education, which includes sprucing up my website. The afternoons/evenings are spent packing, which will be the part that will change once we’re all moved and unpacked (finally!). Days are busy, but so far I’m loving every minute of it!

That being said, I’ve been on the lookout for some new fall sweaters now that we’re moving further north (any excuse to shop, am I right?). A few of these have made it into my closet, and a few are on my wishlist. What’s better? They’re ALL under $50 and are good quality to boot. It’s difficult to find a good quality sweater under $80 these days so I felt it was my duty as an avid shopper to round these up and bring them to your attention! Keep in mind, some of these are on sale RIGHT NOW so act fast! Some of these prices won’t last long!

As far as cardigans go, this one may be my favorite. So much so, I purchased it in two different colors (green and black). Make sure to size down as it does run large. I typically wear an XS but sized down to an XXS.  This cardi comes in right at $49 and is thicker so can act as both a coat and a sweater for those chilly Fall mornings. I wore this one to an outdoor play that went into the nighttime hours, and it kept me warm even when the temp was dropping into the 50’s!

This cardigan from Target is similar to the first only comes in at almost half the price. It’s definitely a lighter material but is a good “dupe” of the first if you’re looking for one. I purchased this one in grey and have already layered it over a few blouses. It’s perfect for those September-October days that are warmer in the sun but cooler in the shade/indoors.

This distressed rugby stripe sweater from Nordstrom is a favorite at the moment (Update: sold out 😭 but here is a very similar sweater for less!). The distressed top trend is something I have stayed away from. Mostly, I have a hard time purchasing something that has holes in it and justifying paying for it (let’s ignore my 5 pairs of distressed jeans for a minute). I don’t know about you, but there’s a difference for me in purchasing distressed tops v. jeans. Maybe the tops seem more delicate, therefore, more likely to fall apart. Whatever the case, I had been eyeing this sweater for a month or so and finally made the purchase just a week ago when it was marked down to under $20. ACT FAST, this sweater is STILL on sale through 9/10. For reference, I’m 5’2” and typically wear a Small Petite in sweaters. A XS in this sweater fit perfectly for that baggy but not-too-boxy look.

Victorian Collars are going to be a HUGE trend this fall. But, give me anything over the top and frilly, and I’ll probably wear it, trends be damned. I purchased a few similar blouses earlier this summer (evidenced here) and saw this sweater at Target this week and This sweater is part of the new “A New Day” collection at Target. This is a line you must check out if you haven’t already! It’s perfect for the young professional. This top comes in at $25 so it’s right on budget.

This cowl neck tank is very similar to one that I own from Francesca’s that I purchased last year. I love tops like this as they’re easy to dress up and down. Last year, I wore mine with a black cardigan at Thanksgiving. I also like to pair it with a jean jacket for an edgier look. A sweater tank is perfect for transition weather because you can wear it alone with jeans for a warmer day or layer it if need be.

This ruffle, cold-shoulder top is something I’ve been eyeing for a while but haven’t purchased yet (Update: sold out! Here’s a very similar one in stock!). The reason why I love it is because it’s lighter than your typical sweater, on trend, but still a classic silhouette and color. This top is perfect on it’s own and would look great with booties or over the knee boots. I think it goes without saying that a long sleeve, cold-shoulder top is a perfect blend of both summer and winter wear.

So there you have it! 6 Fall transition sweaters that I would recommend for the transition season that is upon us and pieces you can style into Winter as well. Make sure to subscribe (below) for updates on an upcoming post explaining the process!



Statement Sleeves for Fall & Big Announcements!


This post has been a long time coming! I was right when I said August would be an amazing month for Kev & I but didn’t quite anticipate how amazing (or busy) it would be. This month has been an insane emotional roller-coaster followed by days upon days of planning for our next life step. I hope you’ll forgive me, especially since this outfit is one of my favorites for the upcoming Fall season! Stay tuned after the outfit details for a BIG announcement!!

Top  – (sold out, VERY similar)| Jeans (old – similar (petite)similar, similar) |

Shoes | Sunnies – similar (Use code “LoMeyer20” for 20% off!)

This may be my favorite top at the moment. Statement sleeves have been big for a while and the trend will continue into the Fall. You’re probably already familiar with the bell-sleeve trend that took off in the last year or the off-the-shoulder ruffle trend yours truly is a huge fan of, BUT what’s better than combining ruffles and bell sleeves? This is actually the second outfit I’ve styled using this top because I love it THAT MUCH. It’s an extremely soft and fluid material which makes it easy to dress up and down. It’s also lighter weight, which makes it perfect for the transition season that is upon us!

You can style this top with a pair of jeans like I did here or a skirt for a dressier look. It also would go well with a statement necklace if you’re going all out! It comes in a few other colors but, as always, when colder weather comes I automatically gravitate back toward my darker neutrals. Does anyone else do this?

I got this shirt during the #nsale when it was majorly marked down; however, I would buy it anytime because it’s more than worth the money. The versatility and comfortability is beyond compare. It also comes in petite sizes, which is huge plus considering tops usually extend way past my arms. I sized down one below my normal petite size to X-Small Petite, and it fits perfectly (I’m 5’2″). A word of caution – make sure you wash it before wearing! I didn’t and ended up staining my mani black (eek!!)

First of all, I am SO sorry about being MIA this month. That goes for the blog and all social media. I promise I haven’t been absent without good reason! I know I’ve teased many of you with an “announcement” that would be coming so I won’t keep you waiting any longer. In a few short weeks, Kev & I will be MOVING to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area!! This is huge news for us for a variety of reasons. One, we’re both leaving a city we’ve lived in for a long time along with our friends and family. Two, we will both no longer be working for our current employers. This seems obvious but with technology these days working remotely is easier than ever; however, both of us will be moving on to the next steps in our careers. Kevin has accepted a job at a petroleum company in quality assurance/control, which is a field he is extremely passionate about. Right now, he does quality assurance and control during his free time, for fun! Lol! So doing it full time is literally a dream of his. Kevin loves working for the State but has desired to find a place that offered training opportunities and increased career growth. This company will provide him with both of those things, and I couldn’t be happier for him!

I, on the other hand, will be LEAVING (yes leaving) corporate America (say what?!?!). We did not make this decision lightly. For a long time, I have known that my passions lie outside of what my corporate job entails. If you read the “about me” section on my profile, you know that I landed in the corporate world essentially by chance after I graduated from the University of Wisconsin. However, graduating with an English literature degree, I’ve always known my passions tended more toward the creative v. metric driven side of the world.  Because Kevin was blessed with this phenomenal opportunity at a new company, it has allowed me to step back from my more traditional role and pursue areas that I am more passionate about in the realm of beauty and fashion, this blog included! When I began this blogging journey (on Instagram) 7 months ago, I didn’t expect it to turn into the enormous passion that it has. And, unfortunately, saying that my corporate job can be stressful, emotionally exhausting and time consuming is somewhat of an understatement. Given the exact line of work, I cannot go into details as to what I do. But just know, the subject matter I handle isn’t always for the faint of heart. Although I truly love the company I work for, I know that my skills and passions are probably better served elsewhere.  I’m excited to begin this new journey and have you all join me! It’ll be a learning curve for sure, but one I’m excited to take on. As always, thank you for your support, it really means everything to me!

Kevin starts at his new company in exactly one week and our lease runs out in Madison at the end of September. Assuming we’re not homeless come October 1st (lol), we should be fully out of Wisconsin sometime in September. In the interim, Kevin will work in Minneapolis and stay with my sister and her family who live in a nearby suburb. I will continue to pack away our life here and start to work on my next chapter on my own terms (seriously, what is life?!). This should be the last really crazy week with things hopefully settling down more mid-September. To say I’m ready for the craziness to be over and to move on to a more stable life again would be a HUGE understatement. So please, continue to bear with me!

Tomorrow is my official last day in corporate America and then Kev and I are off to The Cities to look at Apartments! So pop a bottle of champagne with me (or open an IPA with Kev) and let’s celebrate!

xo ,





3 Affordable Summer Outfits you MUST HAVE

What a month it has been you guys! I’ve had exciting news (like getting invited to join rewardStyle) but have also dealt with one of my most debilitating months of migraines. This is the first full week I’ve gone without a migraine in a month, and I finally feel like I’m back to normal. I can already tell that August will be a GREAT month, and I can’t wait to share it with you all! Please bear with me, I’m taking things slowly as I get back into consistent blogging after this cycle of migraines so I don’t cause another cycle to happen (see, I’m learning!). So I’ll be posting once a week for the next few weeks and will get back to twice a week toward the end of August.

For today, I’m excited to bring you all three summer outfits you must have before the season ends! I’m all for staying trendy on a budget. Most of the time, if it’s not on sale or at a good price, I’m probably not buying it. These three outfits won’t break the bank (they’re under $20!) and are also great quality for the price.

Target OTS Dress (similar) (similar) || Bag (old – similarless expensive) || Shoes

I picked up this Target off-the-shoulder dress shortly before our road trip in June. It’s lightweight so perfect for warm Summer days and could probably be used as a swim cover up too! It’s a trendy style being off the shoulder with a ruffle accent. Some reviewers have commented that the quality seems cheap and see-through. It’s definitely from Target, so you’re not getting a designer gown, BUT the quality is great for the price. It is a bit see-through toward the bottom, but I’ve worn this to work and out with no problems. The ruffled part on the top also acts as a double layer for your top half – just to be safe. It does run a little big so either size down OR shrink it like I did!

Amazon Dress (similar) (similar) || Bag (old – similar)

This summer I discovered the amazing-ness that is Amazon fashion! This dress is a similar style to the last (off-the-shoulder), but comes with a belt for a more fitted look. I’m loving the blue + white color trend this summer so this outfit is right on point! The price cannot get better – it comes in under $15 WITH prime shipping, holla! You can also wear this to work without issues because it can be pulled up onto the shoulders and hits right above the knee. A tip for sizing – always pull up the “Fit” chart. This is the link with a percentage right above where you can select the size AND read reviews. This always helps me choose the best size. If between sizes on Amazon, size up! A lot of their clothing runs small.

Amazon Top (similar) (similar) || Vestique Shorts || Birkenstocks

Yes, yes I’m aware ALL of these ‘fits have a similar look so you can probably tell what trend I fell for this summer LOL! But this cropped white top is perfect for casual summer days. It has cute cut out details on the edges making it a step above plain white crop tops. I’ve loved pairing this with white shorts for an all-white look or regular denim cut-offs. Similar to the other Amazon item, this one comes in under $15 with Prime shipping!

You can shop all of these looks below and I’ve included similar products as well!

What summer trends have you loved so far? Are there any fall trends you’re looking forward to?



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