All About Eyelash Extensions

All About Eyelash Extensions; Blogger Lauren Meyer of The Lo Meyer Blog shares a Q&A All About Eyelash ExtensionsAll About Eyelash Extensions; Blogger Lauren Meyer of The Lo Meyer Blog shares a Q&A All About Eyelash Extensions

Happy Monday beauties!!

Ever since I got eyelash extensions a few months back, I get a ton of questions weekly on how I care for them, if they’re expensive and how I make them last so long. Wondering what the heck I’m talking about? My eyelash studio has a great explanation for what eyelash extensions are and why they’re so amazing on this page. Simply put, they extend your natural eyelash and make it darker so it looks like you’re always wearing mascara. It makes getting ready every day SO easy and quick!

Similarly to getting nail extensions (fake nails) or hair extensions, your lashes will grow and fall out naturally over time. Therefore, over the course of a few weeks, you’ll have to go in to your lash studio and get the sparse patches filled in. I mentioned in Instagram stories that I can typically go 3.5-4 weeks between “fills”. Most people I know go every 2-3 weeks to get theirs filled so this sparked a TON of questions as to my secrets behind going longer and, therefore, saving money!

I’m answering all the questions I’ve received on extensions below including my daily care regimen, which I believe directly impacts how long my lashes last. Keep in mind, like other extensions, lash extensions are an investment. They’re not “cheap” and, considering someone is going to be very close to your eye, you want to ensure you’re going to a reputable studio with an experienced artist. And, if the prices seem too cheap, it’s probably too good to be true. What you spend on the extensions you save in time. It takes me about half the time to get ready because it looks like I’m automatically wearing eye makeup – I hardly wear eyeshadow and never mess with liner anymore – you just don’t have to! I was skeptical, but now I’m not sure how I went so long without them!

I’m going over my care routine and then some additional questions I received below!

Morning Care:

Easy! After showering or washing your face, be sure to brush through your lashes with a spoolie. Your artist usually gives you one, but I like to have one in every bag and on every shelf I own, since I comb them often throughout the day.  😂 Really though, the wind outside can make them look a little wonky sometimes, so you’ll likely comb them 1-2 times a day. I picked up this pack from Amazon for about $7.

If you’ve watched my makeup tutorials on Instagram, you know I apply concealer and a translucent setting powder to my lids to cover up some dark veins and create a good base for shadows. I got a few questions on this and yes, I still apply this concealer with a small beauty blender. I find the small size really helps navigate around the lashes. After, I apply a very small amount of the powder to my lids using a brush like this. When it comes to makeup application with extensions, less is more!  I typically only wear shadow when I have time (lol) or when we’re shooting. To apply it, I half close one eye and angle my brush so that I don’t hit the lashes!

Evening Care:

At night, I take a cotton pad and remove my make up on my lid using micellar water. I recently discovered micellar water at the recommendation of another blogger gal who had extensions. It’s oil free so safe to use with extensions (oil can break down the bond that adheres the extension to your lash). And, you can use it all over your face too. This is helpful the first day you get extensions or get a fill because you can’t get your extensions wet for a full 24 hours. Using this on a cotton pad comes in handy!

So I thoroughly wet a cotton pad with the micellar water and gently rub my lid being careful not to touch the lashes. I usually have the lid half closed doing this. After, I wet a q-tip with the micellar water and gently rub along the lash line. Again, being careful to rub my skin and not the lashes. I find that this is really helpful in getting any concealer, powder or the occasional shadow that I couldn’t get with the cotton pad. It is very important with the cotton pad and q-tip that you thoroughly wet them before using or else the cotton will stick in your lashes and become a big mess!

After, I wash my face and then give my lashes a “lash bath”. I literally reach over and grab baby shampoo while my face/eyes are wet and gently “swipe” my fingers down over my lashes with the shampoo while my eyes are closed. This is VERY important in removing oils, dirt and residue that builds up over the day. And, it helps keep your lashes “fluffy”.

Once I rinse my face and dry, I’ll brush my lashes out with a spoolie and then apply a lash serum to help my natural lashes remain strong.

I firmly believe this nighttime routine of thoroughly removing my concealer/shadow with the pad + q-tip and then giving my lashes a “bath” is what keeps the bonds strong for weeks!

General Q&A’s:

Where do you go for your extensions?

I go to Amy at Blinke Beauty Bar for my extensions. She is SO  talented and can do any type of lash you want – from very natural to very voluminous like I have! You can get $15 off any service if you mention I sent ya!

What type do you get and do you prefer Volume or Classic?

I prefer volume. If I weren’t a blogger, I may prefer something more classic/natural. But, I’m in front of a camera a lot and I find that volume stands out more. In addition, I think that volume lasts longer simply because there are more lashes to start with. I actually get “mega-volume”, which is a very particular type of lash. Amy is one of the only people in the state certified to apply mega-volume lashes!

Are they expensive?

As I said above, they are an investment but are no where near as expensive as hair extensions. In addition, the more voluminous, the more expensive. The artist has to use more product, and it takes longer. I suggest staring out with classic or hybrid (a mix between classic and volume) and going up from there!

That being said, I have no regrets paying for mine because I save so much time applying makeup every day and they always look flawless!

Can you wear eyeliner with extensions?

You can; however, you likely won’t need to! I always wore liquid liner even with my false eyelashes from the drugstore. With extensions, I don’t need any!

Do you wear mascara with them?

Only on my bottom lashes! You shouldn’t need to on the top and if you do, make sure you check with your lash artist on a good brand that won’t damage your other extensions!

Do they hit your glasses?

Mine do not and, as you probably know, they’re pretty voluminous!

Do they damage your real lashes?

They can if you do not go to a reputable salon, do not get regular fills or ignore your lash artist’s advice. I recommend asking your artist what type of lash would be a good fit with your natural lashes. And, I always have Amy check out my natural lashes during fills to make sure they look the same as they did pre-extensions. Using a lash serum like this one (I’ve been using the same tube since August) can also help fortify your natural lashes if you’re worried about it. It’s like insurance – lol!

How easily do they come out?

They only come out when your natural lashes shed. A natural lash will shed every few weeks without extensions. And, when you have extensions, the natural lash simply takes the extension with it. That’s one thing I like about having mega-volume – there are so many lashes to begin with that when a few fall out you can’t really tell! Another reason I can go so long between fills.

Whew! That’s a LOT of info, but I hope I answered all of your questions. If you have any remaining questions, please reach out via DM on Instagram or email me at – I’ll update this post with more info if need be!!



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