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One of my earliest memories involves fashion. In elementary school, the bus stop was on the corner outside my parents’ house. In maybe 1st or 2nd grade as my mom walked me to the corner, I managed to step in a not so dry puddle of mud with my brand-new jelly sandals.  Rushing me inside to change, she explained the shoes would need to be cleaned, and I would have to pick another pair to wear that day. This only caused a torrent of tears on my part, a subsequent tantrum ensued and, I would like to think, a fashionista was born.

A lot has changed since that day, but much has stayed the same. I may no longer go into a fit of tears when an outfit doesn’t work out, but fashion as well as beauty remain passions of mine.  I find that my personal style and makeup of the day are simply two forms of self-expression and self-love.  As I’ve gone through the post-college transition period, this passion has only grown, and I knew it was something I needed to share with others. Who wouldn’t want to love themselves from the inside out and have their entire look reflect that? Thus, came the impetus of The Lo Meyer Blog: Life with Lo.  Let’s begin by getting to know one another…

Hey! What’s up? My name is Lauren, and I’m a 26-year-old crazy cat lady, married to my best friend and love, Kevin Meyer.  We live in Madison, Wisconsin with our two cats, George and Frank. Kevin is a petroleum chemist with a passion for photography and all living things (yes, including that spider you just squashed with your left shoe). We met in college when we were both 20 and our main objectives were partying and studying as little as possible. Our priorities have changed a bit since then and some of our favorite things to do are spending time with friends and family and traveling. Besides fashion and beauty, writing and reading have always been passions of mine.  Having developed an obsessive kind of love for anything to do with Shakespeare when I was 15, I rigorously studied literature in college and wrote more papers than I can count. But after I got out, I landed a job in the corporate game and stayed there. I mean, in what world does an English lit major actually get a job in the business world?

Heading directly into the corporate world, I started immediately working long hours and constantly felt exhausted. As weird as it may sound, when I felt overwhelmed about confronting the real world as a 22-year-old, I turned to fashion and makeup as a way to feel more in control. In a way, getting ready for the day became an hour of built-in me time in the morning that I actually looked forward to. In the last four years since graduation, I feel that I’ve learned more than I had in the previous ten. With each passing year, I’ve grown more confident in my own skin liking me for me and growing comfortable in the style I felt expressed who I truly was. Not so worried about dressing or looking like a corporate 20-something “should”, but making sure that how I dressed was a true expression of who I was and what my purpose was going to be that day (doesn’t a fabulous outfit always make for a more successful day?).  If I had to label my style I’d say it’s trendy yet casual and classic at its heart. But, to me, I try to eschew labels because I believe the beauty of my style is in its fluidity.


In the coming posts, you’ll find tidbits on all things beauty, style and lifestyle from my perspective – what’s truly Life with Lo. And I’ll be honest as we go on this blogging journey bringing you the raw, unedited details of my daily life. In the end, I hope you’ll join me and feel inspired in your everyday life! Check back for posts twice a week and don’t hesitate to shoot me a message or comment. Let’s connect & happy reading!




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