5 Favorite Flats for Fall Under $50

popular style blogger Lauren Meyer of The Lo Meyer Blog shares 5 Favorite Flats for Fall under $50

Today’s post brought to you by someone who is very tired of the heat and ready for cooler temps 😏. Have I mentioned before how much I live for Fall fashion? Sorry in advance, this won’t be the last time I say it! 😋

When I was a corporate gal, I wore a lot of flats in the Fall and Spring. They’re the perfect transition shoe and easy to throw on and go! Because they come in so many styles and colors, you can easily make them the focal point of your outfit or just the finishing touch. But, if you’re like me, finding comfy and affordable flats is a challenge. I used to be the girl who walked around with a box of bandaids for the first week after buying a new pair of flats. For some reason, this style just rubs more than others!

But, after years of being a shoe addict, I’ve been able to narrow down my buying to a few particular retailers that provide both budget-friendly and comfortable options! So, when in the market for new flats (or really any shoes), I head to this retailer or this one. They always keep me on budget and have an endless amount of styles. Today, I’m sharing 5 of my favorite flats for Fall under $50!

And, before we begin, if you’re a blister-prone shoe-lover like yours truly, I highly suggest using this balm on any areas that rub. I got this right before our wedding and have been using the same stick for over 2 years! I no longer need to carry bandaids with any new shoes and it even helps if you’ve already developed blisters. This balm also saved the day when my cousin got married in May, and her shoes started to rub. I lent it to her, and she went as far as to mention it in her thank you card, so you know it’s good stuff!

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Fave Find: My favorite find is hands down these flats from Target. They are a great dupe for the black ones you all see me wear constantly that are $60. With over 100 positive reviews, you know they have to be good! I have the tan ones in my cart and plan to pick them up instead of the nude version of the ones I already have! This style is so classic and perfect for work or wearing out. They come in 5 different colors so you’re sure to find something that fits your style!

Which pair is your favorite?



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