3 Easy Tips to Stay Happy, Healthy & Motivated While at Home

Happy Monday my loves! How did the first full week of quarantine go last week? Are we all staying productive while also not going too stir crazy? ha! Given I’ve been working at home for a few years, the biggest difference for me is getting used to Kevin’s being here 24/7. It’s definitely been just a bit of a distraction, lol! On Thursday, we started working in different rooms and turning off the news during the day, which both helped A LOT. We’re doing a few other things to make sure we don’t go crazy during this time and thought I’d share in case it could help a few of you too!

make & stick to a schedule

This is super important and something I definitely slacked on at the beginning of last week. During a “normal” week, we follow a “normal” schedule right? Go to bed about the same time, wake at the same time and follow the same schedule pretty much every day. It’s important to do that during this time at home as well. One, it’ll give you some normalcy considering everything that’s happening in the world right now. Two, it’ll help you stay productive during the day, which makes you feel fulfilled and gives your life purpose. When you start lacking purpose and direction, feelings of doubt, depression and anxiety can creep in. Mix that with the obvious isolation we are experiencing and it’s a recipe for disaster.

So, try to stick to your normal schedule as much as possible. For us, that means, going to bed at a regular time (10-11PM), waking up like normal, working out and getting ready for our day like we would if we were going out. You know – shower, makeup (for me lol) and change your clothes. Even if you’re just putting on different sweats, at least change so your body is ready to start a new day. And, also because it’s hygienic lol.

get moving!

This kinda goes with the tip above. On days when I don’t work out in the morning, I feel so sluggish and lethargic by the afternoon. I can even sleep longer, and I still feel the same way. Moving our bodies gets the blood flowing and gets us energized for the rest of the day! Plus, it promotes overall health, which is something we all should be focusing on right now! And, it doesn’t have to be a super intense workout. Taking a walk on “lunch” can totally count like we did today! Just make sure you’re 6ft from all other peeps.

One of my good girlfriends, who is a fitness guru & also about to be a nurse, runs private fitness groups where she provides custom workouts, meal plans and guides! I just signed up for one because tbh, I need some accountability. All this lounging and access to quarantine snacks is too tempting lol!! Her groups are SO affordable, especially when you consider what gym memberships cost and groups like this normally run. Under $100 + extra $$ off with my code LAUREN10 – sign up with me here!

make a social distancing/quarantine “to do”

There are a LOT of changes happening in our world right now. And, it’s really important that we all do our part, stay home and distance ourselves from others as much as possible. That being said, there’s only so much Netflix and chill you can do. I love being lazy, I’ll admit it, but even I get bored laying around. Plus, it’s good to have projects to work on. It goes back to that thing I mentioned about having purpose being good for your mental and physical health!

Kevin and I are really focusing on our house projects during this time. Up until now, we’ve always been so “busy”. Trips, holidays, more trips, migraines – there never seemed to be time to just sit down and focus on the house. So we sat down and really got to work at that list we made back in January. Already, I’ve almost finished off the living room (waiting for a few more pieces to arrive, new items I put up yesterday are HERE!). We are about to start our kitchen mini-reno after Pinteresting all weekend, and Kevin’s working hard to get estimates for our new fence in the back yard!

This time can easily get into a monotonous – work, snack, work, snack, binge watch netflix, eat more, sleep, repeat – schedule. Without being able to go out, see friends, go to our local breweries and do our usual thang, it’s important that we create a space at home that can be fun, new and exciting.

Other ways to fill your time would be to start a new book series, order a few board games to play with your SO or fam, try a few new makeup or hair tutorials, start a new hobby (candle making is relatively affordable and easy!), learn a new language or purge your closet for spring – heck purge EVERYTHING like we’re doing lol. Every other day or so Kevin and I are picking one spot in the house to declutter. If you follow on stories, you know I can be a bit messy, oops! So far we’ve done the office (in general, don’t get me started on the desk, makeup or dresser drawers lol), kitchen counters, cabinet under the kitchen sink and living room.

There is SO much we can do during this period to keep us occupied! Our lives are typically soo chaotic. Constantly running somewhere, late for something and cramming 80000 things into 24 hours. Use this time to SLOW down. You likely don’t “have” to be anywhere any given night or weekend now. Try to view that in a positive light. For the first time, in a long time, I’m realizing how nice life is at a slower pace. In my spiritual studies, I’ve been taught to be thankful for everything – the good and the bad. And although I wish the circumstances were drastically different, that we weren’t facing this crisis that we are, I am thankful that it’s forced all of us to slow down and remember what’s important – our health, our loved ones and the time we have here!

Have a happy & healthy week fam! Tune in Wednesday for a new post sharing an easy way Kev & I stay active in the city, while also practicing social distancing, during this time.

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